Earn an Extra $100 in Gift Cards by Trying New Games on Your Phone

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It’s official. Our parents were wrong: Playing video games isn’t a waste of time — especially since you can earn money playing games on your phone.

A free app called Rewarded Play lets you earn hundreds of dollars in gift cards from popular brands just for playing games you’re probably already familiar with. Who knew Candy Crush and Words with Friends could turn into a legit side hustle?

Playtime is what pays. You don’t even have to win or set high scores to earn hundreds of dollars in gift cards from companies like Amazon, Target and Best Buy. You just need to launch the games through the app.

Free to Play, Free to Earn

First things first. This is completely legit, and you don’t have to pay anything at all to get paid. And while winning helps you earn more, it’s not at all necessary to rake in the digital dollars on a gift card of your choice.

The Rewarded Play app just wants you to spend some time playing their clients’ games. You can choose from games such as “Scrabble,” ”Wheel of Fortune,”  “World Series of Poker” and many more.

Most people earn enough points to cash out for $5 within 24 and 48 hours, and we’ve heard from some users who have earned hundreds of dollars in just a couple months.

Earning Your First $5 Gift Card

Seeing is believing, right? Here’s how to earn a quick $5 for simply exploring a sample of what Rewarded Play has to offer.

You just have to download the Rewarded Play app and open three games inside of it. Complete two basic activities in each of those games and check in on the app two days in a row.

That’s it. Then it’s time to choose and redeem your gift card. And now that you understand how it works, you can really start to earn the big money redeemable on gift cards.

Ready to see for yourself? Download the Rewarded Play app and see how easy it is to make a few hundred extra dollars in gift cards.