This Side Gig Pays $22 for 15-Minute Tasks — and You Can do It Full-Time

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Fake reviews can attract more business short-term, but it’s the real feedback that helps companies improve their customer service.

Businesses that are genuinely motivated to improve know the value of honest feedback, so much so that a company called Elite CXS will pay you an average of $44 an hour to mystery shop their clients.

Got 15 minutes to spare? You can make up to $22 in that time and complete several mystery shopping tasks in an hour. These tasks can be done onsite or from the comfort of home, working part-time or even full-time.

A Pretty Penny for Your Thoughts

Elite CXS is like an intelligence agency. They pay people to review the customer service experience and report back with the findings.

They use the intel you collect to help businesses take actionable steps for improving their customer service, whether that’s coaching up staff members or making adjustments to their operations.

Your mission, as a mystery shopper, is simply to act as you normally would, while reporting what you observe when interacting with one of Elite’s clients — they work with clients ranging from restaurants to crypto.

You can mystery shop for Elite CXS by shopping in-store while recording video, capturing audio or writing up your report. Or you can work from home and mystery shop Elite’s clients by phone, by email or by web chat.

These 15-minute missions are anything but boring. Some jobs may require you to time how long it took a salesperson to greet you, rate the quality of food at a restaurant or simply walk around a store — and you usually get to keep your meal or other purchase for free!

How to Get Started

Are you mobile-savvy? Need to boost your income? You’d probably make a great mystery shopper.

This is one of those gigs that lets you work on your terms, whether you want to keep your day job or mystery shop full-time. And you don’t need to have any experience doing mystery shopping. They will give you all the knowledge you need.

Getting started with this veteran-owned company is simple. Just register on their website to get started and check out what jobs they have in your area. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, phone number and a PayPal account to receive your earnings.

Sign up here to get started.