6 Ways to Profit from “Reuse & Recycle”

Recycle Sign

We are currently in the middle of redecorating our apartment, so for the past few months I’ve been scouring the internet looking for cool pieces of furniture/accessories. I’ve specifically been looking for refurbished items because I’m a huge fan of reusing and recycling old things; not just to save money, but because I think it’s a great way to add some personalization to your decor.

A few months ago I created a bookmark folder and have been adding things I liked. Admittedly, many of the things in my bookmark folder are a bit geeky, but hey – it’s what I like! 🙂

As I started to peruse through my folder this weekend, it occurred to me that the people making and selling these things were making good money for essentially, turning trash into decor. I wanted to share some of the cool things I’ve found and hopefully inspire some of you to make some of your own refurbished items to sell for extra money.

1. Filing Cabinet Planter

This old filing cabinet was purchase for $10 and remade into a gorgeous flower planter. The creator, Chad Kelly, saw one at a local nursery for $600 and decided to make his own. How cool is that?

Thank you to DesignShare for the idea and the pictures.

Old metal filing cabinets


Yellow Filing Cabinet Planter

2. Cassette Tape Cabinet

Have you ever wondered what do with all those old cassette tapes? A dutch designer, Patrick Shuur, turned 918 of his old cassettes into a very spiffy cabinet that doubles as a room divider. Thank you to DesignBoom for sharing this.

Cassette Tape Room divider - reuse old cassette tapes

cassette tapes reused furniture

3. Nintendo Game Clock

Does this bring back memories, or what? This cool little clock is being sold on Etsy by seller called GeekGear. They are being sold for $17.99, which is pretty good profit margin considering the old nintendo games can be bought for a couple of bucks. I love it!

Nintendo Game Clock - Super Mario 3 Clock

4. Floppy Disk Pencil Holder

This pencil holder is also being sold on Etsy for $5.99. A great way to reuse those old floppy disks you can’t use anymore. Check it out here.

Floppy Disk Pencil Holder (Red)

5. Bathtub Couch

This couch was created by a European company called Reestore and it is made out of an old claw foot bathtub. They are selling for 1850 pounds which is over $3,000 US dollars. Not a bad profit for an old tub!

Claw foot bathtub refurbished sofa couch

6. Macquarium

For the last one I thought I’d add a shameless little plug for myself. I wrote about my old Macquarium business a few months ago and I still think it’s a great business if someone wants to steal it for themselves. 🙂

Apple G4 Cube Mac Aquarium Fish Tank