5 Flexible Online Jobs That Let Teachers Work From Home

Work from home
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If you’re an unemployed teacher in September, you’re probably ready to think outside the box.

There are lots of work-from-home opportunities out there that will let you work in your field, while offering flexibility to work part-time, set your own schedule, or travel and work from anywhere.

Alternatively, these gigs can be a smart way to capitalize on your expertise and make extra money of a full-time teaching job.

Check out these online jobs for educators, whether you’re working full time, retired, taking time off for your family or just starting to break into the field.

1. Online Tutoring and Teaching

Let’s start simple: online teaching jobs.

If you want to work with students but don’t want or can’t find a full-time teaching position, check out these online tutoring jobs that pay $20 or more per hour.

If you prefer to actually create a curriculum and host an online class, consider a virtual teaching job with Proximity Learning, Inc. or a school district in your state.

2. eNotes Educator/Writer

Educators at all levels of experience are welcome to apply with eNotes, an online hub of study guides, lesson plans and homework help for students and educators.

You can contribute as much or as little as you like, and you’ll be paid per question you answer, anywhere from $4 to $37, according to The Work at Home Woman.

To apply, fill out a quick online application here and answer a sample question.

3. Renewable Energy Content Reader

Johns Hopkins University is hiring for a short-term temporary gig reviewing a curriculum guide for renewable energy.

You should have a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or environmental sciences, as well as teaching experience. Your job will be to ensure the material is accurate and appropriate for its target audience.

Pay is $1,000 for the entire project. Apply online here.

4. Assessment Coordinator with NAEP

No teaching experience or degree required for this entry-level position — just a high school diploma or equivalent.

National Assessment of Educational Progress is hiring remote/traveling assessment coordinators in several markets around the country.

The position is part-time, 30-40 hours per week. You’ll administer standardized tests in local school districts.

To apply: Find a position in your state and follow the online application process.

5. Teacher-Author for Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an open marketplace where pre-K-12 teachers share, buy and sell original educational resources.

Whether you’re working in a classroom, homeschooling or retired, you can turn your educational materials into a resource for others — and income for yourself.

It’s free to sign up; every teacher-author just has to share at least one item for free.

You’ll be paid once a month, 60% royalty on sales for the previous month. You can also pay $59.95 annually for a premium membership and a higher royalty.

Sign up right here.

Your Turn: Are you an educator? What work-from-home job opportunities have you found?

Dana Sitar (@danasitar) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s written for Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, Writer’s Digest and more, attempting humor wherever it’s allowed (and sometimes where it’s not).