Sick of the Wage Gap? In These 10 Careers, Women Earn MORE Than Men

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As you may have heard, today is Equal Pay Day — or the date at which women’s earnings finally catch up to what their male counterparts made in 2015.

That’s because it theoretically takes Jane an extra 3.5 months to make the same salary John did last year, due to the gender pay gap.

No matter which per-dollar-earned-by-men figure you’ve heard, you probably know that women earn less on their paychecks than men do.

Happily, recent studies show that figure might be as little as a nickel, especially for young, unmarried women, when researchers control for job title, location and employer.

But although the wage gap is narrowing — albeit more slowly than we’d like — it, and its effects, do still exist.

That’s why it was so nice to find this recent Glassdoor study, which outlines 10 professions in which the gender pay gap swings the other way.

Equal Pay — Or Maybe Just a Few Cents More

Using hundreds of thousands of anonymous responses about job compensation, Glassdoor compiled lists of the professions and fields in which, on average, men earn more, women earn more and both sexes earn equally.

As with any self-reported and anonymous data, the salary responses are not perfectly incontrovertible evidence. But there’s a longstanding precedent of using this kind of data in examining the wage gap — the figure is based on census survey responses.

Furthermore, Glassdoor did go to some lengths to control for factors like location and employer, statistically “adjusting” the data so the wage gap was much less dramatic.

So do better for yourself than break even: Make more than men in one of these careers. Here are the 10 jobs in which women actually outearn men.

1. Social Worker

Female social workers make $1.08 for every dollar male social workers do.

2. Merchandiser

Women in this profession can also expect to beat out their male counterparts by 8 cents.

3. Research Assistant

Female research assistants earn $1.07 for every dollar made by male research assistants.

4. Purchasing Specialist

The discrepancy for this position? $1.06.

5. Physician Advisor

Women physician advisors, rejoice: You earn 2 cents more per dollar than the men in your field do.

6. Communications Associate

Female communications associates also earn an extra $0.02 for every dollar on their male colleagues’ paychecks.

7. Social Media Professional

Female social media professionals can expect to earn $1.02 for every dollar their male counterparts make.

Psst — We’re hiring you guys here at The Penny Hoarder! And we promise our paychecks are equal (and competitive!) no matter your gender.

8. Health Educator

Female health educators earn an extra $0.01 per dollar when you compare their paychecks to male health educators’.

9. Procurement Professional

The additional cent applies to this position, as well…

10. Business Coordinator

… and also to female business coordinators. Hey, every penny counts. We should know!

Although this list is refreshing, it’s true that the pay gap is much more significant in the roles for which men are paid more — for instance, topping that list is “computer programmer,” for which women earn $0.72 for every dollar men make.

Furthermore, most of the positions on the men-make-more list pay significantly better than the positions listed here — so that wage gap stings even more.

Plus, I’ve gotta say, I’d way rather be a pilot or a psychologist than a “procurement professional.” What even is that?

Of course, the ultimate goal is to live in a world where men and women make the same amount of money for the same amount of work… no matter what field they choose to pursue.

Your Turn: Do you have one of these jobs where women earn more than men?

Jamie Cattanach is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She also writes creative nonfiction and poetry, some of which has been featured in DMQ Review, Sweet: A Literary Confection and elsewhere. You can follow along at

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