Get Paid to Drive Without Picking Up Strangers: Amazon Flex Pays $18-$25 an Hour

amazon flex
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Want to make money with your car, but don’t like the idea of picking up a bunch of strangers? Amazon might have just the gig for you.

The company is hiring drivers to deliver packages as part of its new Amazon Flex program, which lets people order and receive items from Prime Now within an hour. As long as you hit that delivery window and have a car and smartphone, they’ll pay you $18 to $25 an hour.

Interested? The pilot program in Seattle has already begun, and Flex will soon expand to nine other major U.S. cities.

How Does Amazon Flex Work?

As a driver, you’ll tell Amazon when you want to work, whether it’s two, four, eight or 12 hours in a day. During your shift, you’ll pick up packages at the nearest Amazon location and deliver them to people in your local area.

George Gracin III is a Houston man who signed up to be notified when the service comes to his town. He likes the flexibility it promises, and hopes to earn money outside of his full-time job.

“I’m interested because it seems like a way to earn a little bit of extra money on the side. similar to Uber,” Gracin said. “I by no means want it to become my full-time job, but I bet it’s going to be a fun way to make a little extra on the weekends.”

He also appreciates that he’ll only transport packages and won’t have to deal with potentially unruly or intoxicated strangers, like he might as an Uber or Lyft driver.

“Since it’s a delivery service, there’s no risk of having someone unfamiliar in your passenger seat,” Gracin said.

Want to Sign Up?

To work for Amazon Flex, you have to have a reliable vehicle, be over the age of 21, pass a background check and have an Android smartphone. (No, even the newest iPhone won’t help you qualify.)

And yes, the car is required — the company’s not accepting foot or bicycle messengers yet, though they might in the future. If you want to deliver by bike or on foot, you’ll have to stick with Postmates or Instacart for now.

How Much Will You Make?

The pay ranges from $18 to $25 per hour, according to the Amazon Flex website and emails the company has sent to potential applicants.

However, they’re not disclosing exactly how that wage breaks down or what determines where you’d fall on that pay scale.

“They say the wage depends on the area and scope of delivery,” said Gracin.

Where Can You Drive for Amazon Flex?

The program is live in Seattle, and it will soon expand to Manhattan, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Portland.

It may also expand to additional locations as it develops. The email sent out to prospective Amazon Flex workers states: “Since launching, we’ve had thousands and thousands of interested individuals sign-up to hear more about delivering for Amazon in locations ranging from Turin, Italy, to Wichita, Kansas.”

By signing up before Amazon comes to his town, Gracin’s hoping to get ahead of the game.

“In my city of Houston, Flex is not available yet, but I wanted to lock in my interest with them while it’s still new so I have a chance once it reaches [the area],” he said.

How to Apply

If you’d like to drive for Amazon Flex, sign up now and Amazon will contact you when it starts recruiting drivers in your town. You’ll receive periodic email updates as the program expands to new locations.

Your Turn: Would you be interested in driving and delivering packages for Amazon Flex? If you’ve already signed up in Seattle or one of the other cities the program will serve, we’d love to hear about your experience!

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