Get Paid to Eat Dog Food

Dog running in snow

The next time you’re feeding Fido or Fluffy, you might want to consider taking a taste of their food yourself. If the thought of doing so repulses you, you might not be a candidate for the next great pet food tester. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and are considering having that bite, take comfort knowing you’re not the only human who would willingly eat some dog chow.

What is a Pet Food Tester?

Just like the people who are hired by various companies to taste-test the items they produce to sell in grocery stores for human consumption, pet food testers are paid to taste-test new formulas before they hit the market. Lest you think this job is wrought with horrendous nibbles and stomach aches, most pet food testers simply spit the food out before swallowing. In addition to taste, pet food testers are also taking notes regarding the nutritional content of each pet delicacy. They’re also always on the lookout for new, innovative formulas, production methods, packaging and the like–anything to keep those noshes pet (and owner)-friendly!

How Much do Pet Food Testers Make?

While the average pay for a pet food tester is about $40K/year, there are certainly plenty of ways to build your own brand and bring in even more cash. Consider Simon Allison, one of the most famous pet food testers in the world. Allsion has established himself as an expert pet food tester, and he has secured himself a stable income and certain air of celebrity as a reputable, honest pet food tester who has the best taste intentions for pets and adult alike.

How to Become a Pet Food Tester

In order to become a pet food tester, you should first possess certain traits that will afford you an easier search process. These include being a methodical thinker who appreciates details, a creative person who can think outside the box and a person who will give honest, constructive feedback for how to improve a product in preparation for it being sold. You obviously also need to be comfortable with the idea of putting dog or cat food in your mouth and chewing it for an extended period of time. While you’re not required to swallow the food, you will have to chew carefully and consistently so you’re able to fully detect the various ingredients as well as being able to suggest any needed enhancements or changes.  You can begin your search by reaching out to the various companies that produce pet food and express your interest in securing one of these jobs. Most positions aren’t publicly posted, but they are available for those who seek them.

Good Luck, Penny Hoarders!