Here’s How to Apply For 9 Top Game Shows So You Can Win Cash & Prizes

Vanna White stands claps after letters are revealed on the Wheel of Fortune game show.
Co-Host Vanna White makes an apperance at Radio City Music Hall in New York, Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007. Peter Kramer/ AP Photo

Participating in a game show is an easy and fun way to make extra money. Some are tougher to get on than others, but by registering for all of them, you can significantly increase your chances of becoming a contestant.

For that reason, we’ve put together a list of nine of the most popular game shows and how you can apply for them.

1. “Jeopardy!”

How to Audition: The first step to getting on “Jeopardy” is to take the online test. They’re are only held on certain dates, and upcoming tests are announced on the show and on its website, Online tests are offered separately for each of the following age groups: adults, college students (full-time undergrads with no previous bachelor’s degrees) and teens 13 through 17 years old.

If you perform well on the online test (“Jeopardy” won’t tell you your score), you will be asked to audition at a local testing facility. After more testing and a personality interview with producers, you will be added to the pool of available contestants.

Who gets on: Smarties who are willing to participate in an awkward 15-second interview with Alex Trebek after the first commercial break.


2. “Wheel of Fortune”

How to Audition: Last year, over a million people requested the chance to audition for “Wheel of Fortune” and fewer than 600 people were selected to appear on the show. The first step to auditioning is to register on the Wheel’s website. They will notify you when the “Wheelmobile,” the traveling audition bus, is in your area.

From the show’s website: “Thousands of fans fill out applications and gather in front of the stage with a traveling version of the famous Wheel and Puzzle board. Applications are drawn at random throughout the event, calling individuals on stage in groups of five to participate in a brief interview, play a version of the “Wheel of Fortune” speed-up round and win special show-themed prizes.

“The most promising candidates are invited back to participate in final auditions for the show, usually held at a later date in the Wheelmobile host city. At the final auditions, Contestant Coordinators select the individuals who will appear on the show.”

Who gets on: Adults, college undergraduates and high school teenagers.


3. “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

How to Audition: You can register to audition on the show’s website. To become a “Millionaire” contestant you must first pass the written test. If you do, you’ll then need to undergo a personal interview with a representative of the show. If you pass the audition process, you will be placed in the contestant pool and available for selection to play the game on a future show.

Who gets on: Smarties who are already a little rich. Seriously. You’ll need to pay for your own travel arrangements to Las Vegas in order to be on this show.


4. “The Price is Right”

How to Audition: Contestants are usually chosen from among the ticket holders at each taping held in Los Angeles. Tickets are usually released six weeks in advance of the taping date. You can apply for free tickets on the website. You can also grab tickets at if the show is on the road. Tickets for the traveling show will cost you, however.

Who Gets On: Peppy adults who will jump up and down after winning a new vacuum cleaner.


5. “Idiotest”

How to Audition: “Idiotest” is produced by the Game Show Network. Casting for all of GSN’s shows are announced on the front page of their website. They usually start casting just prior to the start of the season. To be a contestant, create an account on the website to sign up for available shows!

Who Gets On: 80% of the 17 people who watch the Game Show Network


6. “Family Feud”

How to Audition: To have your chance at being next to Steve Harvey’s mustache, you can apply for tryouts online. Tryouts are mock run-throughs of the show and vary by location. If you’re not near one of the filming locations, you may also send in a recorded video.

Who Gets On: Enthusiastic families of five who can scream “Good answer!,” even when the answers are terrible.


7-9. “Amazing Race,” “Survivor,” “Big Brother”

How to Audition: These are all reality game shows produced by CBS. The audition process varies a bit for each show, but the first step is to visit CBS’s casting website. Usually, you will be asked to send a video that showcases your personality along with a completed application. If you are selected for an interview, you’ll have to travel (on your own dime) to the nearest interview city. Applicants may also choose to attend an open casting in person, but are not required to do both for the preliminary application.

Who Gets On: Richard Hatch. People with a passport.


Good luck, Penny Hoarders!