How to Make $500 Helping Facebook Stop Hackers


There’s perhaps nothing more annoying online than stumbling upon one of your favorite sites only to discover that it has been hacked. In fact, some of my favorite, personal finance blogs like Financial Samurai and Yakezie recently had an awful time when they woke up one Saturday last month and discovered their servers had been taken down by a hacker.

Well, Facebook is taking the bull by the horns and getting aggressive in the fight against hackers by employing its users to help stop attacks from ever happening. They are paying users $500 or more to help identify security flaws or bugs that they discover on their site.

Facebook has set up a special website called Bug Bounty, where users can report bugs they’ve found and begin the process of earning their cash reward.

There are a few rules you’ve got to abide by in order to get paid. First off, Facebook is only paying the first person that reports an error, meaning that all of us Penny Hoarders can’t get paid for reporting the same bug. Also, Facebook won’t pay you if you live in a country under U.S. sanctions like North Korea or Libya. Sorry Fidel.

Facebook also won’t pay you to report bugs in third-party apps or third party sites.

Since the program was announced a few weeks ago, Facebook has paid out more than $40,000! One user alone has racked up $7,000 in rewards from Facebook from flagging seven separate issues.

Now, if they’d only pay me $500 for all the countless hours I’ve wasted “liking” status updates and Facebook-stalking old high school friends. 🙂

Good Luck Penny Hoarders!

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