How to Make Money As a Professional Skier

Do you know anyone that’s a professional skier? Unless you live in Denver or something, my guess is no. Initially, you might think that a professional skier is about as lucrative as a professional bowler (which, by the way, is absolutely NOT lucrative), but it couldn’t be farther from the truth for many of the good ones anyway. So how do professional skiers make money?

Giving Lessons

Just like in any sport, there are many people that wish to learn how to ski and will actually pay money to get some instruction. This doesn’t sound like it would offer a lot of money, but on those luxury ski holidays, there are quite a few beginners that all want to learn at the same time. By instructing an entire group, professional skiers rake in quite the haul.

Also, there are some amateur skiers that want to become professional. While there are only slight differences between an amateur and a professional, there are many things that the amateur has to learn before they can truly be a professional as well. These one-on-one sessions are often very lucrative for the professional because of the focused attention that is provided to the student.


If the professional skier is among the top in their event for the nation, much money can be made. Not only is there money in winning an event, but think about the Olympics! If you place as one of the best in your event, you could win a medal. Do you realize how much one of those gold medals is worth? Over $25,000. Now that’s a nice chunk of change for sliding down some snow.


For those professionals that are good enough to be in the Olympics, they might have an opportunity to advertise for national brands like Tommy Hilfiger or Nike. With these endorsements, there is often quite a hefty check included for their efforts in the photo shoot or commercial. This shoot might only take a couple of hours, but the pay is definitely worth it, especially if you’re one of the well-known athletes that are competing.

Working on the Slopes

Again, back to the bowling analogy – even the pros sometimes need to have jobs. The professional bowlers often have jobs at the local alley and golfers might have a job at the driving range. With professional skiers, they get a job at the slopes. They might instruct some skiers for a few bucks, or they just monitor the skiing to be sure everything is safe. Sometimes, you get so involved in something that you just need to be around it all the time. This is what happens with skiing. It’s not very often that someone can leave their sport as a professional and give it up cold turkey. Nope, they are heavily involved when they are on top in the sport, and they still remain active in the sport when they ‘leave it’ as a professional. Heck, they even get to make a few bucks in the process.

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