Here’s Your Excuse to Be on Facebook All. Day. Long.

how to make money on facebook
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If you’re reading this, you’re likely on Facebook.

You probably even found this article on Facebook.

Don’t just use Facebook to see who had a baby or to watch mouth-watering cookie decorating tutorials — although those are insane. Use Facebook to make money.

It’s just a matter of figuring out the right method to earn income from your skill set.

To give you some ideas, I interviewed several Facebook users who’ve made part-time — or full-time — money on the social network.

This list just scratches the surface, but here are 17 different ways to make money on Facebook:

1. Join a Facebook Garage Sale Group

Perhaps the most common moneymaker on Facebook is the online garage sale. There may be several in your area focused on different types of items, like baby stuff, furniture, etc.

Fnd them by typing your location and “garage sale” into the Facebook search bar. People can sell anything not tied down, as long as it includes a decent image and clear instructions.

How Much Can You Make?

It varies, but one woman made $600 selling decor, furniture, baby items and flooring in Facebook garage sale groups.

2. Use Facebook Garage Sales as a Business

Maybe you’re a collector with a ton of merchandise.

Buying yard sale items and reselling them on Facebook can turn a pretty profit, says James Schut, an avid Facebook group participant.

Schut described how several members in his garage sale groups buy and sell large quantities of items at a time, like 50 or more. They then meet at a designated location to make the exchanges.

How Much Can You Make?

Results vary.

Schut says the process takes a time investment — his greatest success comes from selling large quantities of items priced between 50 cents and $10.  

The longer you do this, he adds, the more your network will grow, a significant benefit in this line of work.

3. Join a Facebook Buy, Sell and Trade Group

Along with Facebook Garage Sales, there also are Buy, Sell and Trade (BST) groups.

Again, find these by searching for your location and including “buy, sell, trade” in the search bar.

What makes them different than a garage sale? Trading is the most obvious.

Also, BST participant Robin Mathiasen says, “They’re good for between yard sales, bad weather, for nicer things, etc. You tend to get more than you would at a yard sale.

How Much Can You Make?

Another active BST group member, Jamie Lynn, said she brings in around $200 each month selling things like clothing, electronics, decor and toys.

4. Resell BST Items to Amazon

Some people buy items on Facebook and sell them for a profit on Amazon.

I interviewed magazine collector Nate Cox, who buys used magazines on Facebook, then resells them on Amazon for a profit.

“You just have to know your market, and you can sell anything,” Cox says.

How Much Can You Make?

This varies depending on your time and products. Cox invested $75 over the last six months to procure 450 magazines. He is currently averaging a $2 profit on each sale.

According to Cox, it’s not his day job, but this side hustle will enable him to become debt-free faster.

One man made $10,000 selling flip flops on Amazon.

5. Start Your Own Facebook Auction Group

Becky Segerstrom started off frequently using BST groups, and eventually started her own.

She says she launched a Facebook auction group, where she sold furniture and decorative items purchased at yard sales and thrift stores.

She’d also refinish, repaint and restore them to increase the value.

How Much Can You Make?

Here are a few of Segerstrom’s success stories from her Facebook auction endeavors:

“I bought a large wooden bowl for $0.50 at Goodwill, painted it black, and distressed it, and it sold for $15!,” she says.

“I also bought a number of wooden bread boxes for $1 to $2 each, and after repainting them, they sold for $20 to $25.”

6. Find Freelance Work

Are you a writer, virtual assistant, graphic or web designer? Or do you have another web-based trade?

There are groups designed just for sharing these types of freelance opportunities.

How Much Can You Make?

Each vocation brings in a different income, but the possibilities are tremendous. It’s as simple as sharing content.

For example, I recently read this freelancing article. I immediately shared it with one of my freelance writing groups so more writers could benefit.

7. Share Advice in Your Field of Interest to Gain Clients

Many online entrepreneur Facebook groups like The Smart Passive Income Community or Inspired Bloggers Network are great for virtual assistants, web designers and the like.

People have many questions and are willing to pay for answers. You can find work just by keeping your eyes open for needs that present themselves.

How Much Can You Make?

Virtual assistants earn $15.83 per hour and web designers cash in anywhere from $29,000 to $74,000 per year, according to Payscale.

8. Promote a Brand or Product You Love

Are you passionate about a brand or product and want to increase your network?

Many people become direct sales consultants for products like jewelry, cosmetics, cleaning products and weight-loss programs.

Many Facebook groups have clear rules about direct marketing. But, if you abide by them and your passion for the product is authentic, Facebook can be a great place for you to find new clients.

Keep in mind that this trend has been around for a while, so odds are your friends have been approached before — you don’t want to annoy anyone.

How Much Can You Make?

Earnings may include cash, possible benefits, bonus incentives and free or discounted products.

9. Run Live Direct Sales Events

Work-at-home mother of two Stephanie Gerhard became a consultant for Usborne Books & More, hosting live Facebook events to sell children’s books.

She told me these events last two hours, so the time commitment’s manageable.

Guests join the event by clicking on a Facebook invitation sent by the consultant at the allotted time.

During the event, the consultant posts information, images and videos describing products, and answers questions — just like a discussion thread.

There are often multiple prizes and giveaways to encourage guests to comment and interact.

How Much Can You Make?

“It is possible to be successful without ever even doing a home party, book fair or event,” Gerhard says. “A consultant [for Usborne] makes between 25% and 30%, based on your sales volume that month.”

In her first month, she made $300 doing live events twice a week.

10. Host a Live Event for a Consultant

Perhaps you don’t want to dive into direct sales for Jamberry or Usborne Books or some other company, but you’re willing to host an event.

Gerhard says opportunities are ready and waiting on Facebook:

“Most consultants have a consultant Facebook page…,” she explains. “We post deals, specials, new books, opportunities for extra rewards for booking parties, and things like that on those pages, but people are free to book a Facebook party anytime they like.”

What does a hostess do?

Becca Kriesel, another hard-working mother of two, hosted one of Stephanie Gerhard’s Usborne parties.

“I can tell you that, as a hostess, it was very worth it,” Kriesel says.

“I had to do very little work (just engage with the participants, tag people, comment, etc.) and was able to get a bunch of free and half-off books… Several of the free books have become Christmas and birthday presents, therefore saving me money!”

How Much Can You Make?

Each company offers different benefits for hostesses, but free and discounted products are the most common forms of payment.

11. Turn in Facebook Hackers

Next time you notice a Facebook account has been hacked, you might get paid for it.

A website called Bug Bounty pays users who report hackers.

How Much Can You Make?

By helping Facebook uncover bugs and hackers, users earn $500 or more. But, keep in mind only the first user to report the problem receives compensation.

12. Start a Group and Promote Affiliate Links

Many Facebook communities consist of like-minded individuals (i.e. moms, bloggers, health and wellness advocates, etc.).

If you start a community and share relevant products with an affiliate link, you can earn a percentage from each transaction.

How Much Can You Make?

Through Amazon’s affiliate program, you can earn 4% to 8.5% of each transaction, depending on how many people buy items through your links.

Other affiliate options can be more lucrative. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, here’s a guide to getting started.

13. Refer Facebook Friends to Swagbucks

Not only are there a slew of survey sites online willing to pay for your input, but you can use Facebook to earn even more cash.

Swagbucks is a membership site that pays you to take online surveys, use its search engine and make referrals. (Here’s a beginner’s guide.)

For every referral you make, you earn 10% of whatever that person earns on Swagbucks — for life.

Since Facebook is likely your largest network, it’s a key source for sharing your referral link with friends.

How Much Can You Make?  

Swagbucks pays via PayPal or a large variety of gift cards.  

The average person I interviewed earns between $25 to $100 in cash or gift cards each month.

14. Become a Social Media Manager

Full-time social media manager Kelli Hogg creates and schedules content for 20 different Facebook pages.

Her background in marketing and her personal use of Facebook over the years helped to prepare her for the job. Now, she crafts all the text and images for each social media post, scheduling and monitoring them each day.

Managing so many pages at once is no easy task, Hogg says, but her passion is clear.

“I quite literally get paid to ‘play on Facebook,’” Hogg explains.

How Much Can You Make?

Nonprofits can pay $35,000 to $50,000 for a social media manager, Hogg says, and some corporate positions may offer more than $65,000.

15. Post Recurring Product Orders on Your Facebook Profile

If you sell a basic product, like MaryKay or Norwex, or run a business, post a simple status update to tell your friends when you’re taking orders or running a special before a certain deadline.

For example, a photographer might tell announce a special on family portraits before the holidays, or couples shots before Valentine’s Day.

How Much Can You Make?

With this kind of free advertising, you can make a 100% return on your investment. It only costs one simple Facebook status update.


16. Enter Facebook Contests, Giveaways or Sweepstakes

These contests are often easy to enter, require minimum involvement — like sharing a post or liking a page — and offer cash prizes.

Plus, you’re helping someone promote his or her business. Good karma.

How Much Can You Make?

Prizes usually range from $20 to $100 in cash or gift cards, as well as free products.

Laura Harris is a writer for the Web and mother of two with a background in personal finance. When she’s not enjoying time with her family, or watching insane cookie decorating tutorials on Facebook, you can find her blogging about parenting and personal finance at Piggy Bank Dreams.