Have Strong Feelings About Trump or Clinton? This Company Will Pay You

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What do you really think of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

If you’ve showed enough restraint thus far to avoid spilling your guts to friends on social media, colleagues in the break room or family over an otherwise-silent dinner table… now’s your chance to get paid to let it all out.

Ipsos Panel, the company that does a lot of the polling you hear about during an election season, is looking for new poll participants.

The opinion- and market-research firm offers rewards for surveys on a variety of topics. You can earn gift cards to Amazon, iTunes and more, or cash via PayPal.

Some surveys pay as much as $95, if you’ve got the time and effort to put into them. But most pay about $1-$2 in points and only take 10-15 minutes to complete. There are even some surveys you can complete in as little as two minutes.

How to Sign Up

Getting started is easy. Follow these steps, and you’ll see survey offers immediately:

1. Go to the Ipsos I-say website and enter your contact information.

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2. Enter your demographic information.

How to make money

3. Check your email to confirm your registration.

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4. You’re all set! Click to start the Getting to Know You survey.

This will help the company tailor survey invites to your lifestyle, so you won’t be spammed with irrelevant surveys.

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5. Start your first survey!

Select and complete a survey — or a few — and start earning rewards.

How to make money

That’s all it takes!

Download the Ipsos Mobile app to keep up with surveys and earn money on your commute or while you watch TV. You’ll earn about $1 for every 100 points, and you can redeem your rewards once you reach at least 500 points.

Your Turn: Do you want to get paid for your opinions this election season?

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