How to Publish Your Own Book & Bank Some Extra Cash

Publish your own book

Budding authors, you don’t have to go through a big name publishing house to get your book into the hands of the public.  In fact, more and more writers are realizing just how beneficial it can be to self-publish.  Not only does it allow authors to have more control over the finished product, it also makes it so they can keep a larger percentage of their profits, which can be really ideal in this economy.

Today’s authors have great ideas but don’t want to lose valuable time pitching to agents and writing proposals.  They need that time to put the finishing touches on their novel, autobiography or supernatural thriller.  That’s why self-publishing is growing in popularity.

Here are some things you can do in advance to get your manuscript ready for self-publishing:

Do your research.  What types of books in your genre are selling?  Do they share a common theme?  What makes them so popular?  How do you plan to market your self-published book once it is written?

Eliminate distractions.  Select a writing spot in a quiet place and go there each day.  Make sure that you have everything that you need to write comfortably.  This includes headphones and a MP3 player (if you like some background noise), a laptop, paper, pens, and a clear mind.

Outline each chapter before writing content.  Come up with a bare bones outline for each chapter of your book.  This is especially important for non-fiction writers.  Once you have an idea of what order you want information to be written, you’ll be able to flesh out content quickly and easily.

7 Ways to Make Money if You Hate People

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Give yourself a daily word count.  Even if you don’t have a strict deadline, you should set goals.  Decide how many words you want to write daily and sit in your chair until they’re written.  This no excuses tactic helps you tame your inner critic as well as write and publish your own book.

Write now, proof later.  Let go of your inhibitions and write whatever comes to mind.  Don’t take your fingers off that keyboard for a set amount of time.  Do not proof or edit.  You can do that after everything has been written.  You can even hire another person to handle that aspect of writing a book for you.

Self-Publishing Companies With Enticing Publishing Packages

Self-publishing has its own list of benefits.  Just ask Amanda Hocking.  The young adult paranormal vampire romance writer has enjoyed enormous success.  In fact, she is one of the first self-made, self-published millionaires out there.  You can follow her example and write and publish your own book through the following companies:

Abbott Press ( – A division of Writer’s Digest, Abbott Press has a number of different publishing packages to choose from.  Each one includes a unique ISBN as well as opportunities to sell on and  The most inexpensive option authors have is the Essentials Package which costs $999.

iUniverse ( – In addition to a number of publishing options, iUniverse also offers the following services to its customers: Evaluation Services, Editorial Services, Formats, Design Services, Production Services, Marketing Services, Bookselling Services, and Publicity Campaigns.  Their best value in terms of publishing packages is $599.

Lulu ( – It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a poetry book or a cookbook, Lulu can help with any type of book project.  Lulu’s print on demand (POD) options are quick and easy.  You can create a book in minutes, publish it with the click of a mouse, distribute, sell, and print books when you need them.  That allows you to save on costs and reduce the amount of space you need to store inventory.

Xlibris ( – Xlibris offers three different self-publishing options to its customers.  You can choose from Black and White Book Publishing, Full-Color Book Publishing or Specialty Publishing Packages.  They also offer Editorial and Marketing services as a way to help you promote your newly written and self-published book.

Obtaining an ISBN Without the Help of a Self-Publishing Company

You might ask, “What’s an ISBN?”  The ISBN is a number that uniquely identifies your title.  Readers can do a search for this number and pull up information about your book and locate a list of retailers and websites that sell it.

If you have the means to write and publish your own book without the help of a self-publishing company, there are other ways to obtain an ISBN.  You can visit and purchase a unique number.  This is one of fast methods of selling your book in stores and having the ability to place it in libraries around the country.

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