A Pillow Inside a Hoodie: The $200K Idea You Wish You’d Thought of First

Image from Hypnos Kickstarter

Ever have one of those “how did I not think of this first” moments?

Get ready for another one: This guy made $200,000 by inventing something you’ve always wanted, even if you didn’t know you did.

Plus, it all started with something you already have in your closet.

Hypnos: The Sweater That Lets You Sleep Anywhere

Josh Woodle is the mind behind Hypnos, a sweatshirt with an inflatable pillow hidden in its hood.

Designed for the travelers among us who are just a tad too fashion-conscious (or chilly!) to go for the traditional flight pillow, Hypnos makes sleep accessible anywhere.

It’s a pretty great idea, right? Apparently, lots of people agree: Although Woodle set his Kickstarter goal to $30,000, he’s already earned more than $200K from over 2,300 backers. He may well break the $300,000 mark — ten times his original goal — before the campaign ends next week.

Simple Concept, Big Money

Having spent a lot of time knocking at the gates of the land of nod on airplanes, we here at The Penny Hoarder HQ were all struck by the same thought when we saw the headline: How has this not been invented already?

Better yet, why didn’t we come up with it first, so we could have a slice of that sweet $200,000 pie?

Lesson learned: If you think just a little bit outside of the box and engineer a quality product that fills a nigh-universal need, there’s a good chance cash will come your way.

Don’t be afraid to follow your ideas — even the ones your friends call “crazy”!

Go for a Nap?

If you want to back the project, you have four more days to get your own sleep hoodie — although the first two levels have already sold out, so you’ll need to spend at least $69.

Then, take advantage of your new sleep-anywhere abilities… to dream up your own moneymaking idea.

Your Turn: What crazy invention might help you earn in 2016?

Jamie Cattanach (@jamiecattanach) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She also writes other stuff, like wine reviews and poems.

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