Make Money by Helping College Students

College Student Making Money

Do you live near a university or community college? Do you know any current college students? If so, you have an opportunity to make money by helping these students!

With a bit of creativity, networking and flexibility to work with varied schedules, you can make money by helping college students through the following avenues:

Become a Tutor

Sure, most of us have heard of tutors for standardized tests such as the SAT, MCAT and LSAT, but what about tutoring for specific subjects at the college level? If you have a wealth of knowledge in a particular area, put it to good use by offering your services to a student in need. A great way to network your way into tutoring positions is to contact the student services department of a local school and ask to be added to the school’s tutoring list. Some schools may require you to pass a placement exam and all will require references and a resume.

Once you’re listed, utilize your contacts in the school’s office to seek out student who need tutoring services. You can choose to work with a student daily, monthly, etc. You can also choose to set your fee structure by hourly or flat rates. You may want to consider a hybrid approach for payments so you can appeal to more students and families.

Edit Papers

For the non-writers out there, completing a term paper or essay collection can be an excruciating ordeal. If you enjoy grammar, can spell and are willing to read the ramblings of a college freshman, you can make a side business out of editing papers for students. One caveat is that you cannot write the paper for the student–you’d never want to risk becoming part of an academic dishonesty scandal. But you can offer editing services that include spelling, punctuation, verb tense, sentence structure, etc.

Become a Career Liaison

Yes, there are full-time employees at each college whose job is to assist students with their job search. But with the pinched budgets and never-ending need for this type of consultative service, there is an abundance of opportunity for those who specialize in career-related endeavors. You could begin a side business of helping students to complete job/career profiles, assist with the creation and editing of resumes and cover letters or offer interview preparation services. Considering the tough job market most recent grads are being thrown into, there is a huge potential to earn extra cash this way.

Good Luck Penny Hoarders!