Make Money on Facebook With PassUBuy: Get Paid to Help Friends Sell Their Stuff

Take a look around your living room or inside your closet, and you’ll probably notice a few things you never use or simply don’t need.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily get rid of those things and make money at the same time? While there are lots of online and offline options for selling your stuff — garage sales, Craigslist, eBay — all depend on negotiating terms with strangers.

That’s where PassUBuy comes in.

What is PassUBuy?

After almost being scammed while trying to buy a boat off of Craigslist (and hearing dozens of similar stories), Mark Blanchard created PassUBuy to provide a shopping experience with a safer environment. With PassUBuy, users post their items on Facebook and share them with their friends — who can then share them with their friends, and so on.

By selling items to friends (and friends-of-friends), users have an inherently reduced risk of being defrauded or harmed when selling or buying items online. People who may otherwise be hesitant to use a service like Craigslist for fear of being scammed can feel more secure using PassUBuy, since they actually know the person on the other end of the deal.

How Does PassUBuy Work?

While you could post an ad for your goods on your own Facebook profile, your friends may not pass it on to others. PassUBuy helps more people see your ad by building in a financial incentive to share posts. Here’s how it works:

When someone posts an item for sale on Facebook, friends of theirs who pass the deal on get a percentage of the deal once it’s sold.

That’s right: you can get paid simply for clicking “share,” without selling anything yourself. If you see a friend post a cool item for sale via PassUBuy, it’s in your best interest to share it. Simply sharing your friend’s post earns you at least 2% of the purchase price if one of your friends buys it through your link. It’s not a lot, but it can add up to a decent sum, especially for high-value items.

Once you sign up, you can either log on to PassUBuy, see what your friends are selling and share their stuff directly from the app, or share items directly from your Facebook feed. Hovering your cursor over the “Pass It On” button will show you how much you’ll earn if one of your Facebook friends buys the item through your post.

How to Make Money Selling on PassUBuy

The real earning potential, of course, is for those who sell their goods with the app. Star Harris, a stay-at-home mom who lives in California, started using the app earlier this year, right after it launched.

“It seemed better than doing a yard sale,” Harris said. So far, she’s been able to clean out her closets and garage of items she doesn’t need anymore, but that still have value. While she doesn’t sell items every day, she says “I do sell something every couple of weeks on the site.”

Her grand total of earnings using PassUBuy? Approximately $1,000 — and that’s in just a few months.

Compared to other selling sites, Harris says the PassUBuy is “safe, fast and accessible” — which everyone who is looking to make a little extra cash loves to hear. She notes there’s no perfect day or time to use the app, which also makes it easy; you don’t have to time an auction just right or post ads only on Saturday mornings when no one is at work.

Is PassUBuy Worth Using?

Since there are two ways to make money via PassUBuy, this app is definitely one to keep an eye on — and to tell your friends about. According to its creator, the app has been especially popular among women between the ages of 30 and 55. For parents with young children that just can’t seem to stop outgrowing clothes and toys, this app may prove to be a hit.

After all, what’s better than earning money selling items you don’t need — or simply for helping your friends sell their stuff?

Your Turn: Have you tried PassUBuy? Tell us about your experience!

Kelly Clay is a freelance writer and editor from Seattle. Her work has previously appeared in Forbes, VentureBeat and WearableWorldNews. Find her on Twitter at @kellyhclay.

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