Your Dog or Cat Could Earn $10,000 as PetSmart’s ‘Chief Toy Tester’

A black small dog sits in a bubble bath with a rubber duck on its head.
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Does your dog love to play tug of war? Is he really into chasing a ball? Does he always go after the squeakers in his chew toys?

If you have a dog or cat that loves toys, we’ve found a lucrative job opportunity for your pet.

PetSmart is looking for one dog and one cat to take on the job of “chief toy tester” for its 1,660-store chain of pet supply shops. Each pet — and its human parents — will get paid $10,000 for a year of testing out toys and treats.

(It’s about time Fido and Simba started carrying their weight financially, don’t you think?)

Specifically, PetSmart is looking for a photogenic, friendly, sociable dog and cat to serve as brand ambassadors on social media.

During their year on the job, the canine and feline chief toy testers will be expected to participate in product unboxing videos for pet toys and treats — once per quarter, for a total of four videos. They’ll also appear at a variety of PetSmart events as a celebrity VIP (Very Important Pet).

They’ll also get quarterly salon treatments, or “spaw days,” at their local PetSmart.

Meanwhile, the pet’s human parents will be expected to capture compelling video footage of all this for social media. They’ll also need to commit to a yearlong contract on behalf of Rover or Fluffy.

How to Apply

To apply on behalf of your pet, go to to fill out an application by Feb. 17. You’ll be required to submit a 10- to 30-second video of your dog or cat, showcasing your furry friend’s winning personality.

“Pet parents are encouraged to think creatively with their submission — whether it’s their cat strutting the catwalk in the latest fashion, pups having a ball with their new toys, or pets showing off their skills when the zoomies hit,” PetSmart says.

You’re required to have public Instagram and TikTok accounts, and you’re encouraged to have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You’ll also upload a photo of your pet, and you’ll write a review of your pet’s favorite toy in 200 words or fewer. Because with this gig, it’s all about the pet toys.

“We are recruiting two playful and eager team members to bring into our PetSmart pack as the first-ever chief toy testers,” said Will Smith, the company’s chief marketing officer. “These C-suite pets will let pet parents know they are getting the best tried-and-true products for their beloved furry family members.”

You spend a lot on Sparky and Muffin. Let’s see if they can earn you some money for a change!

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.