The One Good Thing About Raising Stubborn Kids: They’re More Likely to Be Rich

stubborn child

I’ll admit it: I was a stubborn kid.  If you ask my mom, she would probably say I’m still a stubborn kid.

Well, I’ve got some good news for my mom — and anyone else pulling out their hair trying to raise hellions whose favorite word is “NO”…

Your stubborn kid might turn out to be rich.

At least that’s what a study published in Developmental Psychology suggests.

Does Stubbornness Lead to Wealth?

In the study, researchers recruited 745 12-year-olds and rated them on characteristics and behaviors like inattentiveness, school entitlement, responsibility, sense of inferiority, impatience, pessimism and teacher-rated studiousness.

Forty years later, the researchers checked back in with the subjects (who are now all 52) and evaluated them on two “important real-life outcomes”: occupational success and income.

And, after adjusting for differences in parental socioeconomic status and childhood IQ, what factor was most important in predicting future success?

“Rule breaking and defiance of parental authority,” reports Time.

That’s right: The hard-headed kids — the ones who broke the rules and refused to listen — ended up being some of the most successful and wealthy adults.  

See, mom?! There could finally be an upside to all those arguments you had to endure.

I may not be rich yet… but based on this study, rest assured I’ll get there someday.

Your Turn: Do you have stubborn kids? What do you think about this study?

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