You’ll Never Guess Taylor Swift’s New Side Gig

Taylor Swift
Eva Rinaldi under Creative Commons

Even Taylor Swift, Queen of the Millennials, diversifies her income with a side hustle.

The inescapable country-turned-pop singer has released a line of greeting cards with stationery store Papyrus.

“This limited edition release consists of 10 cards available at U.S. Papyrus stores and online,” a representative confirmed on Twitter last week.

The Swift-designed greeting cards retail for $5.95-$7.95 each, and a box set of 20 “I Love New York”-themed note cards is priced at $15.95.

Papyrus didn’t exactly announce the partnership, but responded to fans on Twitter, even offering to complete orders by email for customers in Asia and other locations where the cards are not available.

Half the designs sold out shortly after being made available online, according to Papyrus’ Twitter account, but the company anticipates restocking them.

Why Would Taylor Swift Design Greeting Cards? 

Swifty is no stranger to the DIY scene: She frequently Instagrams her latest creations, which have ranged from watercolor paintings to embroidery to, yes, Christmas cards.

She previously had her own virtual greeting card app, but since the app is long gone (RIP), T-Swizzle’s leveled up to IRL correspondence.

Here’s the point: Taylor Swift knows how to play the side-hustle game.

This woman is one of the top-selling artists of our time and has numerous collaborations with major brands (Keds, Diet Coke).

But a greeting card line? That’s totally outside the realm of the entertainment industry — meaning it could still be a stream of income for the singer even if she left the music industry altogether.

Smart move, Swift.

Taylor Swift: Your Inspiration to Finally Start Your Own Side Hustle

If you’ve been stalling to diversify your own income, let Tay Tay’s spangled birthday cards be your catalyst.

“Let’s face it: It’s not safe to rely on one or even two ways to make money,” Penny Hoarder contributor Steve Gillman, master of the multi-faceted side hustle, has declared.

Swift could lose her voice, Little Mermaid-style, at any time (heaven forbid!). Designing greeting cards isn’t a major fallback plan for the high-earning pop star, but it’s another profitable use of her talents.

Likewise, you could get downsized, fired, injured or endure some other major change that dramatically decreases your income. What then?

Having a side hustle — whether it be pet sitting, selling crafts online or hawking Craigslist finds on eBay — can provide a cushion when you need it most.

You may not have reached pop superstardom (yet), but you can think bigger when it comes to how you make money.

Let Taylor Swift show you the way.

Your Turn: Do you have a creative side hustle? Tell us about it!

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster living in Washington, D.C. She owns every Taylor Swift album but is not really sure how that happened.

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