The 20 Weirdest Things Ever Sold Online [Infographic]

Jesus Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Over the last couple of years we’ve shared some strange ideas about things you should sell online.

From old wine corks to used cooking oil, I thought we had just about covered everything.

But, apparently not….

Some of you have gotten so creative with making extra money, we thought it would be fun to feature some of the weirdest things that have crossed our desk.

You might have heard about a couple of these. Surely you remember the Jesus toast sold on Ebay and later featured on the TV show “Glee”, but did you know that a woman sold the rights to name her baby for $15,100?

Or that a man sold his imaginary friend on Ebay for $3,000? LOL!

Check out our full list of The 20 Weirdest Things Ever Sold Online…

Weird Things Sold Online & Ebay


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