8 Fun, Unusual Freelance Careers You Probably Haven’t Considered

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When you hear the term “freelance,” what careers come to mind? Chances are it’s something like a writer, editor, journalist, web designer or social media manager.

But if you’re not interested in content marketing, can you still start a business as a freelancer?


If you’re dead set on living the freelance lifestyle but aren’t quite sure what services you’ll offer, consider these unusual freelance careers. One of them may just be the opportunity you’re looking for.

1. Calligrapher

So maybe you don’t want to be a content writer, but if you have excellent handwriting skills and a set of calligraphy tools, you can address envelopes and make $2 to $5 a pop just for being a talented calligraphy writer!

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but book a wedding with 100 guests, and you could rake in $200 or more for hand-written invites.

Launch your own website selling your services, or offer calligraphy on sites like Etsy. For example, Margo Dittmer gets creative with her calligraphy services and sells custom wedding certificates for $175 each on Etsy.

2. Date Concierge

If you’ve thought about being a freelance event planner but don’t want to plan big events like weddings, get your foot in the door with couples who haven’t thought of marriage yet.

As a date concierge, you plan the dates couples don’t have time to plan themselves, including everything from developing the date idea to booking the restaurant reservations and car rental.

Freelance date concierge Brenndon Knox charges $12.50 per hour for his services, but depending on your clientele, you could easily charge more.

Who knows? Your clients may hear wedding bells thanks to you, and if you’re into it, they might ask you to plan their wedding, too!

3. Fabric Reseller

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of starting your own clothing alteration business, but if that doesn’t seem right and you still love fabric, consider becoming a fabric reseller.

You’ll have to visit fabric sales or buy wholesale fabrics and then assemble small quantities of fabric into appropriate packages. There’s a decent demand for these types of fabric bundles in the quilting, scrapbooking and craft market. Check out some of these packages on Etsy for inspiration.

4. Virtual Recruiter

Do you have the skills and connections to find the right employees or freelancers for jobs? Why not become a virtual recruiter?

As a freelance recruiter, your services may include things like:

  • Posting jobs
  • Screening resumes
  • Handling preliminary interviews
  • Negotiating salaries

If you wanted to expand your services, you could work the other way around and consult with jobseekers to help find the perfect career opportunities for them.

Dorothy Rawlinson works successfully in this industry and reports most virtual recruiters are paid on a commission basis.

5. Coupon Book Organizer

If you love gathering coupons and saving money, why not turn it into a lucrative business? This low-cost service business can actually prove to be a lot of fun.

Collect coupons from local businesses, compile them into coupon booklets and sell them to people throughout your community.

6. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

If you have a knack for designing awesome PowerPoint presentations, turn your talent into a money-maker.

Freelancer Magda Maslowska designs custom presentations and infographics for businesses and keynote speakers who don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves. If you have an eye for great presentations, why not launch a business of your own doing the same thing?

7. Children’s Book Illustrator

Love drawing or designing cute images with Adobe Illustrator? You could make money illustrating children’s books. The type of illustrating you can do and the amount you can make varies immensely.

The good news is that self-publishing is on the rise. Self-published books will make up an estimated 50% of ebook sales by 2020, and children’s book authors are turning to freelance illustrators to help their stories come alive, so now is a great time to start your illustrating business.

8. Genealogist

Love putting together puzzling family trees? People will pay you so they don’t have to do it on their own.

Anthony Adolph is a professional freelance genealogist who charges between £50 and £500 per request. If you’ve been a hobby genealogist for any amount of time, you could easily charge these rates with the right knowledge base.

As these options show, freelance careers aren’t limited to the writing or marketing industries.

Your Turn: What type of freelance career are you thinking about launching?

Lisa Stein owns FreelanceMom.com and is a college business professor and a mom to two growing daughters.  Lisa is dedicated to playing a part in helping women and moms run businesses they love, help support themselves and their families, and create flexible lifestyles.