Want to Work From Home? These 76 Companies Hire Remote Workers

Who doesn’t want to work from home? No more commuting, the ability to work in your pajamas and — best of all — no supervisor peering over your shoulder. Plus, when you finish your work, the workday is done! No need to sit around until 5 or 6 p.m. just to put in the face time.

A lot of people become freelancers in part to take advantage of work-from-home opportunities, but not everybody wants to take on the extra work and risk of being their own boss. Today, we’re going to look at a different kind of work-at-home job: companies that hire remote employees.

What Types of Companies Offer Work-from-home Options?

FlexJobs has a new list of 76 Virtual Companies and Distributed Teams, and a quick glance at this list reveals a variety of industries and companies ready to hire remote workers, including:

  • Codebusters, a healthcare data company that helps hospitals and other healthcare providers track patient data
  • Hope Street Group, a nonprofit organization focused on social change
  • Evolving Wisdom, an online education company helping people achieve personal growth

You’ll see a lot of software companies on this list, but there are also opportunities in healthcare, education, writing/publishing, web development, marketing and more. Take some time to explore the FlexJobs list and see if any of these companies are in your industry and area of expertise.

How Do You Get a Work-From-Home Job?

Getting a work-from-home job is a lot like getting any other kind of job: You need to visit the company’s website, learn how to apply for available positions and submit your application.

Help yourself out by scanning your social networks for people who work in remote jobs, especially if they are in similar industries. Ask them to talk about a typical remote workday and the skills they use to complete their job responsibilities and communicate with other team members. Those are the skills you’ll want to demonstrate when you apply for your own work-from-home job.

You can also use this FlexJobs list as a way to learn what kind of experience is required for a remote job in your industry. If you are currently working in an entry-level position, for example, take a look at the job requirements for jobs that are one level above you and figure out how to get the skills and experience that these jobs need.

Ready to learn more about these companies? Check out the full list at FlexJobs.

Your Turn: Does your company use remote workers? What advice do you have for people applying for work-from-home jobs?