Want to Work from Home? Learn from These Stay-at-Home Parents

Image: Work at home
Fabio Bruna under Creative Commons

Staying home with the kids is a lot of work. But what if you could pull double duty, earning money while supervising your children?

While “work from home” scams are sadly common, some stay-at-home parents have found legitimate ways to earn money from their living rooms — up to $150 an hour.

Three of these parents shared their successful businesses with ABC News. Here’s how they earn cash and hang out with their kids at the same time.

Get Paid to Watch TV with Viggle

Using Viggle, an app that lets you “check in” to any TV show, helped Michelle Morris earn enough money to renovate her home. (Like this idea? Click to tweet it!).

The app matches audio to confirm that you’re actually watching the show, then awards you points based on how long you watch, to a maximum of 12 hours per day. Users earn bonus points by watching ads, answering trivia questions, playing along with fantasy sports or checking into multiple episodes of a show.

Morse told ABC News her two children help her use the app, and she enjoys the extra income. “It helps me contribute to my family,” she told the news station. “It helps me bring money in so we can do different things around the house or go out to dinner.”

Want to give it a try? Viggle is available to anyone with a smartphone and cable television. Download the app for iPhone or Android.

Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Who knew paper mache could earn you big bucks? Over the past few years, Kim Baise has turned that elementary school mix of water, flour and newspaper into tens of thousands of dollars by selling paper mache mobiles and wall hangings on Etsy.

The mother of three told ABC News that she loves the flexibility of the work. “I can take my time and choose my hours,” Baise said. “Being home with the kids, it’s great.”

Visit her Etsy shop for inspiration on how to turn your own crafty creations into a moneymaking enterprise. For more tips on selling crafts on Etsy, check out our post on How to Make Money Selling Crafts Online.

Offer Personal Training Over Skype

Who says fitness only happens in a gym? Ryan Krane turned his training and experience in fitness and rehabilitation into a thriving online coaching business, charging $150 an hour to train clients over Skype.

The certified Corrective Exercise Specialist finds his virtual clients through advertising on Google, YouTube and his website, and told ABC News that he trains them one to three days a week, “right in my office.” Not having to travel to a gym means he can spend more time at home with his two children.

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Your Turn: Have you started a business or earned extra cash while staying home with your kids? What did you do?