10 Companies Where Working Women Say They Love Their Jobs

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As a young girl, you might’ve wished for a fairy godmother.

As a working woman, though, you might wish for a fairy godboss. Or rather, a boss who understands work-life balance.

And if you want kids, a company that offers generous parental leave and a career that won’t force you to pay the motherhood penalty.

It’s not as though you can wave your magic wand and find all those qualities though; you need input from women in similar situations.

Enter Fairygodboss.

The Best Companies for Working Women

“We believe it should be easier for women to get the scoop about companies and jobs from other women,” the site says.

“Our professional community reviews and crowdsources information so you can learn what women are paid, the hours they work, and whether they believe their company is fair.”

The Fairygodboss database includes more than 9,000 employers and 21,000 reviews and tips, co-founder Georgene Huang told me in an email.

In addition to profiles of each employer, the site uses the data to generate a list of the companies where women are happiest.

Rankings are based on answers to the question: “How would you summarize your overall experience?” Companies are only eligible for the list once they have at least 30 reviews, according to Huang.

The list is updated daily. As I write this post, the top 10 companies are:

1. Salesforce

2. Apple

3. Accenture

4. Google

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers

6. Vanguard Group

7. McKinsey & Company

8. Cisco Systems

9. Deloitte

10. Microsoft

You can click on any of the companies for more information on why women love them. The profile pages include written reviews about company culture, plus stats on benefits like vacation and parental leave.

Although the site is aimed at women, I also want to point out men would probably be pretty happy at any of these companies, too — especially if they’re caregivers.

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Your Turn: Are you a working woman who loves your company? Tell us about it!

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