Bored? Earn Up to $243 Just for Playing Solitaire on Your Phone

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Chances are you play some sort of game on your phone. It’s a great way to kill some downtime.

It seems like there’s constantly a new game coming out, but we’re fans of the classics — especially when you can win some serious cash playing them.

We found a game called Solitaire Smash that will pay you up to $243 every time you win.

How to Win up to $243 Playing Solitaire on Your Phone

You know the basics: The kicker here in Solitaire Smash is that you’re on the clock, competing against other players online to log the fastest time. Don’t worry. Matchmaking only pairs you with players at a similar skill level.

Even if you don’t complete a deck, knowing when to call it a game can reward you with time bonuses that can still help you win the match.

You decide how you want to play and what you want to play for: real money or virtual currency. And the top three players win whatever the prizes are.

How to Get Started

You might be thinking this is one of those spammy apps, or you’re looking for a catch — but there really isn’t one.

You can buy into cash tournaments with either real money or with the virtual currency you earn from just casually playing the game.

You can download Solitaire Smash for free from the Apple App Store, where they have a 4.9 star rating, and start playing right away.