This Research Company Pays via PayPal for Opinions (Cash Out as Soon as Today)

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You know how it is with these online survey sites. It seems like you have to take a million surveys and rack up a billion points before you can ever cash out. It takes forever to get paid, and then you get a gift card — not even cash.

But we’ve found a legitimate survey site where you can get paid in real money today. Or, if not today, at least really soon.

It’s called Survey Junkie, and it pays out a lot faster than other survey sites. That’s probably why more than 12 million people have signed up for it so far.

Why This Site Wants to Pay You to Share Your Opinions

We like Survey Junkie because it has a simple, clean look, and it’s easy to use. And, unlike some survey sites, it’s totally legit.

Make no mistake: You won’t get rich taking surveys online, and it won’t replace a regular job. But this is an easy way to make a little extra cash while you’re chilling out, killing time, watching Netflix or standing in line somewhere.

So why does Survey Junkie want to pay you to share your opinions? It’s a market research company. Major brands work with them to learn more about what consumers like you want. So it’s paying you to share your opinions about various products and services.

See How Much Money You Can Pocket as Soon as Today

Here’s how Survey Junkie works: You get points for every survey you take. Most surveys pay 50 to 100 points, though some pay up to 300 points — or even more. The longer and more detailed the survey is, the more it pays.

Once you’ve earned 500 points, you can cash out and get your first $5. In other words, you get paid way earlier than you do with a lot of other survey sites. Many will make you wait until you’ve earned $20 or $25 worth of points before you can cash out. That can take months.

Here’s a bonus: Just signing up can get you partway there.

Signing up is easy, and you can do it on your phone or your computer. Just enter some basic information, and confirm your email address, and Survey Junkie will give you 50 points. Get another 50 points for filling out a 16-question profile.

You can earn even more points by filling out other quick profile surveys asking where you shop, what TV channels you watch, what kind of cars and electronics you own, etc.

This will get you to about 200 points, then you should really only have to do another five to 10 surveys, and you’re ready to cash out.

Survey Junkie says it takes the average person seven days to cash out, but it really just depends on how active the user is. Plenty of people cash out the first day, the company reports.

Pro tip: More surveys are available on weekdays, during work hours.

Stick with it, and you’ll have the opportunity to branch out into focus groups or even product testing, which pays more.

Get Paid Fast — With Real Money, via PayPal or Direct Deposit

When it’s time to get paid, you can have the money sent directly to you through PayPal or directly to your bank account. Or you can get digital gift cards for major retailers like Amazon, Starbucks or Target.

Again, no one is saying this is super lucrative, but it’s a nice way to pocket some extra money when you’re just hanging out.

The most important thing: You won’t have to keep taking surveys for a month before seeing a single cent.

Join for free and take your first survey to start earning points — you could cash out as soon as today.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.