This Winery Will Pay You to Drive Around a Cool Van and Promote Its Wine

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If you want to be the envy of all your wine-loving friends, check out this amazing seasonal job.

Union Wine Company is hiring someone to drive its mobile wine bar around the country to show off its line of products — including their super-cool wine in a can.

If you get this gig, you’ll steer a tricked-out 1972 Citroën to music fests, outdoor events, store openings and wherever else the company wants to get the word out about the array of wine it sells.

It’s kind of like a Wienermobile for adults.

Once you get to a location, you’ll promote the wines and create a “memorable experience” for the customers you meet.

If this sounds like your dream job, consider this first.

Union Wine says you’ll be on the road anywhere from one to four months at a time.

You’ll work five to six days a week for around 30-40 hours a week, and your workdays will be long and sometimes stressful (though a nice glass of wine once you’re off the clock can take the edge off).

Since this job is seasonal, you’ll only work — and get paid — four to six months out of the year. The rest of the time, you’re on your own.

The job posting lists the pay as “commensurate with experience” but a spokesperson for Union Wine told Thrillist the pay range is $15 to $18 per hour.

The benefits aren’t too shabby either, especially for a seasonal position. You’ll get paid time off, health insurance and access to a 401(k).

Requirements for This Job

To be considered for the role of “Canbassador” (yep, that’s the job title), you need to meet a few minimum requirements:

  • 21 or older, of course
  • Able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Experience driving a manual transmission vehicle and large vehicles with trailers


It kind of goes without saying that you need to be outgoing and personable to land this job. You should also:

  • Love to travel
  • Have good navigational skills
  • Be comfortable living and sleeping in unconventional spaces with minimal amenities
  • Have mad social media skills along with an aptitude for photography and design
  • Be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions
  • Be organized and have a solid attention to detail

Ready to apply? You’d better get moving because the deadline is May 7, 2017.

To be considered for the Canbassador position, email a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Good luck and happy trails!

Your turn: Would you spend four months away from home to drive a van full of wine around the country?

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. The answer to the question above is yes. Yes, she would.

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