Want Freelance Writing Gigs? Here’s Where to Find Them

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If you’ve got writing skills and know how to create interesting and compelling blog posts, it’s time to think about getting paid to be a freelance blogger.

There are plenty of paid blogging gigs out there, both for people who want to make a few extra dollars writing about a topic of interest and for people who want to turn freelance blogging into a full-time career.

How do you land freelance blogging gigs?

First, do some basic background research to make sure your pitch fits with the blog’s themes and ethos. You’ll also want to confirm the blog hasn’t already run a piece similar to your idea!

Each blog has its own pitch and submission process, but often it’s as simple as sending an email with a great blog post idea. Adding links to a resume, portfolio or examples of previous work never hurts.

Keep your pitch short and simple: your goal is to convince an editor that you’re familiar with the blog, that you have an idea for a post that will resonate with the blog’s readers, and that you have the skills to write and complete the post on time. (For more information and a sample pitch, check out Be a Freelance Blogger’s “perfect pitch email.”)

Most blogs do not like simultaneous submissions, so don’t send the same pitch to five blogs at once. However, if you pitch a blog and get a “no,” feel free to send the same idea to a different blog — don’t assume that a single rejection means the pitch is a bad idea. I’ve sent out lots of pitches that were rejected once or twice before being accepted; sometimes you just need to find the right publication.

Now that you know the basics of how to land freelance blogging gigs, here’s where to find them:


The Problogger Job Board has an enormous wealth and variety of opportunities. Are you a veterinary writer? A travel writer? A parent? The Problogger Job Board is looking for all of these areas of expertise and more.

If you’re looking for paid blogging gigs, Problogger is a great place to find leads.


Like Problogger, BloggingPro keeps an active list of new blogging jobs, as well as an application system that lets you pitch for the jobs you want. Check the list every day and, if you see a job that looks interesting, pitch right away. Wait a day or two, and you’ll probably lose the gig to somebody else.

Be A Freelance Blogger

Want to be a freelance blogger and get paid, but not quite sure how to pitch blogs and land gigs? You need the resources available at Be a Freelance Blogger.

Sophie Lizard has compiled a free, downloadable list of 64 blogs that pay at least $50 per post, as well as tips on how to pitch those blogs successfully. If you’re new to pitching or want to brush up your skills, download this list and read Sophie’s advice.

Make a Living Writing

I’m a huge fan of Carol Tice’s Make A Living Writing community, and have even been paid to blog on her site! If you’re looking to become a professional freelance writer, Make A Living Writing is a great site to explore.

If you’re looking to earn money by freelance blogging, Carol keeps a list of websites that pay at least $50 per blog post. Start pitching to the sites on that list, and start earning money.