Domino’s is Giving Away Company Stock — and $10,000 Cash

Samantha Dunscombe/The Penny Hoarder

Do you love Domino’s so much you wish you could own a piece of the company?

Thanks to a new contest from the pizza giant, it could happen. Really!

You don’t even need to spend any money to enter to win. You only need a Piece of the Pie Rewards program account (and maybe a bit of creativity).

Want 10 Shares of Domino’s Pizza Stock?

Domino’s is hosting two contests for Piece of the Pie Rewards program members. The program is free to join and saves your pizza-ordering preferences and delivery information to make life easier when you’re hangry. (The rewards are pretty great, too.)

Piece of the Pie Rewards members are already entered to win Domino’s stock. Each month in 2017, the company will reward 25 members with 10 Domino’s shares, so long as they have or open a brokerage account to manage those shares.

Domino’s stock has grown 385% in the past five years — shares were worth about $18 each in early 2011 and are trading at $161.46 as of this writing. CNNMoney’s forecast for the company shows potential to reach $195 per share by the end of 2017. The stock market can be tricky, but if Domino’s pulls your name to win this contest, it could be a solid start to your investing journey.

Win “Store Profits” by Doing This

Domino’s is also giving 50 of its “most passionate” Rewards members “a slice of store profits from real Domino’s stores.”

Each of the 50 winners will receive $10,000, and Domino’s will invite a lucky 10 grand prize winners from the bunch to visit its HQ in Detroit.

But this contest takes a bit of effort: You’ll have to follow Domino’s on Twitter and Instagram, then post about your love of Domino’s pizza to one of your accounts. You’ll need to use the hashtag #PieceofthePieContest and post by April 16, 2017, and you need to set your account to public so Domino’s can see your stuff!

I’m excited to see creative entries from around the United States, but I must admit, I’m already strategizing about my own #PieceofthePieContest masterpiece.

Your Turn: Which would you rather win: Domino’s stock or cash?

Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer at The Penny Hoarder, covering mostly pizza-related topics.