3 Work-From-Home Jobs That Will Pay You to Play Video Games All Day

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I have a confession.

As a kid, I owned nearly every version of Game Boy: Light, Color, Advance, SP. (SP was so fancy.)

I kept my games in a pencil box. My collection included “Mario Kart,” “Kirby’s Dream Land,” “Donkey Kong,” even “Grand Theft Auto.” I had the connector cord, too, so I could battle my brother and best friend.

OK, OK. My walk down nostalgia lane is over. Here’s the point: I can relate to you gamers — the sweaty palms, irrational grunts, the lean-closer-to-the-screen move. It’s an addicting and time-consuming hobby.

And now you can list “gaming” as a job skill.

For the gamer in all of us, I rounded up three work-from-home jobs you might find exciting — almost as exciting as finding extra virtual lives — or bananas, for you Donkey Kong fans.

3 Work-From-Home Jobs For Geeks and Gamers

Your couch must be pretty comfortable, right? Assume your favorite gaming position, controller — or keyboard — in hand, and prepare to start making money as a gamer.

1. Beta Game Tester

Want to play some big-name games before they hit the shelves?

As a game tester for VMC, you’ll get your hands on AAA games, which have the highest development budgets and levels of promotion, prior to any national release. Think: “Star Wars: Battlefront,” the “Call of Duty” titles and “Grand Theft Auto.”

Really, the main requirement is that you’re 18, can keep a secret, follow instructions and are professional. Plus, you should know your way around a game controller or two.

This paid, work-from-home job runs on a weekly basis, so simply apply — which includes noting your gaming consoles — and play.

2. Virtual Gaming Support and Service Representative

Sutherland Global Services’ work-from-home team, CloudSource, needs a full-time gamer — and customer support guru.

You’ll answer customer calls and troubleshoot issues. They could be as simple as resetting a password. And I sure hope you’ll drop some “Call of Duty” or “Zelda” jokes in there.

However, those jokes should be PG. Job requirements include professionalism, a year of customer service experience and some knowledge of social media and Microsoft Office.

But the first requirement from the job posting? “You are an experienced gamer and/or have a background in gaming technical support.” In bold.

Press start to continue and apply.

3. YouTube Gaming Talent & Personality

Here, you’ll work for SC Media; SC stands for Strangely Compelling.

So, are you strangely compelling? Funny? Full of energy? A gamer? You could be the company’s newest on-screen talent.

And you won’t just be a pretty face. You’ll also get to produce and direct content, which includes pitching, scripting, editing and promoting material. Millions of gamers will watch each month, according to the job posting.

You should have a year of experience in web video content (and probably an active YouTube or Twitch channel) and strong research and communications skills.

To apply, fill out a Google Form — answer some simple questions, including top 10 favorite games, and submit.

We’ll see ya on the YouTube.

Your Turn: Do you have the gaming skills for these work-from-home jobs?

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. After recently completing graduate school, she focuses on saving money — and surviving the move back in with her parents.