Love YNAB? The App’s Hiring Seasonal Work-From-Home Reps at $13/Hour

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Do you know what YNAB stands for?

If you guessed “Young Narcissists Association of Brunei” or “Yodeling Nudists Advancing Ballet,” you can quit reading now.

But if you knew it stood for the name of the popular budgeting app You Need a Budget, then I might have a job for you.

YNAB needs seasonal work-from-home support reps to help the company (and its customers) get through the New Year’s rush.

How to Work From Home for YNAB

To be eligible, you must be a YNAB user who’s “known for being helpful, patient and awesome.”

You should also be a “stellar communicator” who’s “fairly tech savvy” and “wildly productive and independent, but a team-player at heart.”

You’ll work a set schedule of 20-30 hours per week, including four hours on Saturday or Sunday, and earn $13 per hour.

The best part? This seasonal position won’t require you to miss any holidays with your family.

It’s centered around New Year’s resolution season: December 28, 2016 through mid-February 2017.

Ready to help other YNAB fans make their 2017 financial goals come true?

The deadline to apply is October 23, 2016, so get your cover letter and resume ready — then click here to apply!

Your Turn: Are you a YNAB fan?

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