Spend Less, Give More: 100 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

A couple open up gifts on Christmas Day next to their Christmas tree.
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Feeling overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list? You’re not alone.

Even the most organized shopper can get stressed out shopping for so many people. And between family, friends, significant others and the Secret Santa gift exchange at work, your wallet is definitely going to be more stressed than you…

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Luckily, we’ve put together a list to bring you the best gifts under $25 for absolutely everyone on your to-buy-for list.

100 Awesome Holiday Gifts Under $25

From foodies, to caffeine lovers to interior designers and more, we’ve got you covered with these 100 excellent Christmas gifts under $25.

1. Personalized Cutting Board: $24.99

This custom engraved cutting board is an excellent gift for both the home chef in your life or someone who wants to spruce up the kitchen.

You can choose to have a last name, initials, or even a special message engraved.

2. Electric Wine Opener: $13.99

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to open a bottle of wine with one of those old-school openers?

This electric wine opener stays charged and makes popping the cork quite easy. Cheers!

3. Mini Waffle Maker: $12.99


This non-stick mini waffle maker makes breakfast time a cinch, making a favorite breakfast classic in minutes. It makes hash browns too!

4. 2 Pack of Lid and Spoon Rests: $7.95

These utensil rests (one green and one pink) are an easy way to keep liquid or any food residue off your kitchen counter.

5. Herb Stripper: $8.99

No, it’s not a discounted stripper named Herb. It’s a handy gadget that makes stripping the tasty parts of herbs off their stems a breeze. We’ll just stop here.

5. Waterproof Picnic Blanket: $18.99

This picnic blanket is large and light with a carry strap, and it’s perfect for family picnics on wet grass at the playground, on the beach, or anywhere you want to keep you and your food nice and dry.

7. Japanese Style Ceramic Dipping Bowls: $17.99

If you’re going to do sushi night, you’ve got to do it right.

These ceramic dipping bowls are perfect for sushi, soy sauce, or any snack for that matter. The blue and white bowls come in sets of six.

8. Freestanding Wine Holder: $21.99

We’ve already hooked you up with a nice electric wine opener. Now, we offer you somewhere to put all that wine.

This freestanding countertop wine holder can hold six bottles of vino, and it’s perfect to use in storage or put on display.

9. Whistling Tea Kettle: $23.99

Isn’t there just something sophisticated about having a “whistling tea kettle?” You’re basically saying “we take our tea seriously around here.”

You can do just that with this 2.5 quart creamy white colored whistling tea kettle, which will allow you to make around 10 cups of proper tea at a time.

10. Set of Wood Salt and Pepper Grinders: $19.99

Up your salt and pepper game (or a friend’s) with these premium salt and pepper grinders with a ceramic core.

The grinders are made from premium oak wood and come in white and black.

11. Bamboo Cutting Board Set: $17.99

If you’re simply looking for some nice standard cutting boards without any frill, this 3-piece cutting board set will do the job.

Made from bamboo, the set includes a large board, a medium-sized board, and a round pizza board.

12. Matcha Traditional Starter Set: $14.95

More tea products!

This Japanese tea set comes with a bamboo matcha whisk (chasen), scoop (chashaku), stainless steel sifter, and a fully printed handbook.

13. Christmas Napkin Rings (Set of 6): $20.99

This set of 6 handmade, Christmas decor-ish, napkin rings are great for putting out the Christmas vibes at your holiday party.

They look like perfect tiny Christmas trees!

14. Portable Blender: $19.85

A blender for less than $20? You bet!

This Hamilton Beech 14 ounce portable blender is ideal for smoothies and shakes and comes with a travel cup and lid.

15. Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix (28 oz): $5.49

If there’s someone on your list who appreciates the tastes of New Orleans, this gift is a perfect fit. They can make Cafe Du Monde’s classic beignets from the comfort of their own home.

16. Carandini Emilio Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena: $13.35

There’s balsamic vinegar, and then there’s balsamic vinegar.

This is the good stuff from Italy, and the eight ounce bottle is very reasonably priced at less than $14.

17. Coffee Mug Warmer: $14.99

This is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life – maybe a friend, teacher, or even your partner.

The 17 watt mug warmer is light and portable and easy to take with you anywhere.

18. Godiva Coffee Set: $24.98

This delicious Godiva coffee set includes a french press coffee maker and Godiva chocolate truffle coffee with decorative gift box packaging.

It’s perfect for a coffee lover who wants a little more than black diner coffee.

19. Cinnamon Roll Candles: $19.99

What? Candles that smell like cinnamon rolls?

You know it. These candles smell like cinnamon, icing and buttery pastry – meaning you might be tempted to eat them. But don’t do that. They burn for 40 hours so if you’re tempted to eat cinnamon roll candles, you might want to avoid this one.

20. Portable Mini Desktop Cornhole: $23.99

Take your cornhole game on the road with this fun mini set. It’s perfect for a tabletop game in your home or office.

21. LED Beanie with Lights: $16.99

Like to walk during the cold winter nights or early mornings?

These LED beanies will keep you warm and safe with their LED headlamp.

22. Moon Lamp: $18.99

Please the night owls in your life with this small moon lamp that’s perfect for decorating a bedroom space with an evening glow.

It comes with a wooden stand and a remote.

23. Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner: $20.99

We’ve never seen a vacuum cleaner this small, but its handheld size makes it ideal for cleaning desktops or countertops without having to lug in the big vacuum cleaner or cleaning spray.

24. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster: $16.99

For the book lover in your life, this scratch off poster allows them to keep track of how many of the greatest 100 books of all time they have read.

Once they’ve read the book, they scratch it off the list, literally!

25. Aromatherapy Showers Steamer Set: $14.99

Get your relaxation on with this set of six aromatherapy shower steamers.

They’ll fill your bathtub with soothing fragrances and are a great stocking stuffer.

26. Massage Gun: $21.99

Take care of those weary muscles this Christmas!

This portable electric handheld massage gun has six speeds and comes with four different massage heads.

27. Trivial Pursuit Party Game: $19.99

How much stuff do you know?

Find out with Trivial Pursuit’s party game of weird, fascinating, and unbelievable trivia that’s based on the “The Stuff You Should Know” podcast.

28. LCD Drawing Pad for Kids: $12.98

This drawing and doodle tablet is great for young kids aged two through eight who are learning to draw and write.

You can erase with one click and without worrying about chalk dust flying everywhere.

29. Mini Golf Pen Set: $12.99

Look, it’s pens that look like golf clubs! And it even comes with mini balls and a mini putting green.

30. Slim Money Clip Wallet: $19.99

Perfect for the stylish gentleman in your life, this slim money clip wallet is made from leather and can store up to 12 cards.

31. Tortilla Wrap Blanket: $19.99

Yes, it’s a blanket that looks like a giant tortilla wrap. That’s all you really need to know.

32. Satin Pillowcase: $8.98

The sleek, shiny and soft pillowcase might make you want to take a nap by just looking at the picture. Sweet dreams!

33. Collapsible Picnic Basket Cooler: $23.99

This insulated collapsible picnic basket cooler is leak proof and can carry up to 65 pounds of delicious culinary delicacies of your choice.

34. Custom City Map Prints: $18.92

Select three city maps from any location in the world and this Etsy seller will send you a customized, beautiful digital print of each. You can also choose to have a paper print if you’re willing to pay more.

35. Beard Grooming Kit: $22.91

This beard grooming kit comes with beard conditioner, oil, balm, a brush, shampoo, comb, storage bag, scissors, and a beard care ebook. That’s everything the bearded one in your life needs.

36. Puffy Slippers: $10

These comfy, puffy and soft slippers are perfect for that special female in your life. They have a slip-on design and can be worn inside and outside.

37. Small Card Purse: $10

It’s a tiny, fashionable black purse that will hold up several credit cards, a driver’s license, a little cash, and not much else. The purse has a snap closure to keep all your items safe.

38. 14K Plated Gold Hoop Earrings: $19.99

You can still look fancy and fashionable for less than $20, and these earrings from Target are proof.

39. Connect 4 Board Game: $8.49

The classic Connect 4 board game is an excellent cheap gift idea for the kids in your life. It’s easy to play at home or take on the road.

40. Merry Fizzmas Bath Bombs: $10

Make bathtime fizzy and fun with these Merry Fizzmas Bath Bombs from Da Bomb Bath Fizzers.

Each bath bomb in the set of six has a surprise inside!

41. Plaid Plush Throw Blankets: $6

These soft and comfy plaid throw blankets come in festive green or red, making them perfect to cuddle up by the fireplace on Christmas night.

42. Fluted Tree Candles: $14.40

West Elm offers these unscented, fluted candles designed like miniature Christmas trees. They’re a great idea for adding some festive ambience to your home.

43. Modern Lacquer Frame: $9.99

Stylish and modern, these modern frames are made from wood and covered in a sleek lacquer finish. Each 8×10 frame costs $9.99.

44. Scented Incense Sticks: $18

Add some scented ambiance to your home with these incense sticks from West Elm. They come in sets of 12 and are made with therapeutic grade essential oils.

45. Stuffed Burger Press and Patty Maker: $19.95

This stuffed burger press and patty maker makes it easy to stuff your burger patties with whatever ingredients you want and comes with a free recipe ebook.

It’s perfect for the home chef in your life who loves burgers and likes to experiment.

46. Flashlight Gloves: $11.99

These flashlight gloves are great for camping, walking or running in the evening, or even handyman projects that need a little extra light. Great as stocking stuffers too!

47. Microwave Popcorn Popper: $12.99

The popcorn lover in your life will love this microwave-safe popcorn popper that comes with a dual-function lid that melts butter while the corn pops.

48. Password Book: $16.99

Keep all of your online passwords safe and in one place with this password book that comes with A to Z tabs.

49. Mini Retro Bluetooth Speaker: $15.99

It looks cool and retro. It’s portable. And it sounds great. This portable bluetooth speaker comes with five different color options.

50. Wooden Foot Massager: $15.98

You need this foot massager in your life. It’s great for runners, those who have foot pain, or anyone who just wants a little relaxation and stress relief.

51. Customized Spoon: $12.99

This creative Etsy store offers stainless steel spoons with customized messages. Make it say anything you want for a special person in your life.

52. Urban Map Rocks Glass: $18

A fantastic idea for a cocktail lover, these rocks glasses can be etched with a map of your city.

53. Face and Eyes Ice Roller: $18.99

What exactly is this?

It’s a small ice roller that massages your face and below your eyes, helping with puffiness, migraines, and pain relief. It’s great for a quick 5-minute face massage first thing in the morning.

54. New York Times Crossword Calendar: $15.29

Try one of the New York Times’ famous crossword puzzles every day in 2024. Each calendar day features its own puzzle.

55. Music Genius Playing Cards: $9.89

This set of playing cards features 52 different musical geniuses, including Elvis, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and many more.

56. Beer and Bath Wine Holder: $13.95

Sometimes, you just want to sip on a cabernet while soaking in a bubble bath – or shotgun a Budweiser under a steaming hot shower. That’s what this beer and bath wine holder is for.

No judgment here.

57. Peanut Butter and Jelly Necklaces: $16

If you and a friend go together like PB&J, these necklaces are a great way to feel close – even when life won’t let you stay joined at the hip.

They also look super realistic. Bonus points for that.

58. 14K White Gold Plated Initial Necklace: $13.95

Made from 14K white gold plated cubic zirconia, this fashionable necklace allows you to show off your initials in style.

59. Secret Message Ring: $12.95

Remind your bestie or significant other to take a deep breath.

But because this ring just looks like a beautiful aluminum band to outsiders, it’ll be your little secret.

60. Round Foam Roller: $8.73

From Amazon Basics, this high-density foam roller is ideal for massaging weary muscles and helping them recover. It’s also great for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises.

61. Garlic Chopper: $14.12

Is there any kitchen activity more annoying (and sticking) than chopping and mincing garlic?

This small kitchen device does it for you so you can keep your hands clean and smell-free.

62. Fleece Baby Booties: $22

The new parents in your life will love these soft and non-slip fleece baby booties – ideal for boys and girls between the ages of three months and two years old.

63. Touchscreen Gloves: $7.95

The business-minded often need to be constantly on-call. Help them stay reliable – and warm.

These gloves are fully technology-compatible but don’t have the funny-looking multi-colored fingertips other versions do.

64. Two Pounds of Gummy Licorice: $14.99

Why would you want two pounds of gummy licorice? Because, why not?

65. Foam Toddler Pogo Stick: $16.99

Let Johnny or Susie get all that toddler energy with this foam pogo stick for the little ones.

Get ready though, it squeaks with every jump. Give this to another set of parents and you may get blacklisted from coming to their Christmas party ever again.

66. Water Resistant Shower Bluetooth Speaker: $14.99

We’ve already shown you beer and wine holders for the shower and bath, now you can have a full on party with this shower bluetooth speaker.

It comes with a suction cup that allows it to stick to your shower wall with a six hour charge.

67. Stoneware Zodiac Coffee Mug: $23.95

From the fine folks at Le Creuset comes this stoneware zodiac coffee mug. Pick the zodiac sign of your choice to feature on this 14 ounce mug.

68. Exfoliation Foot Peel: $19.99

Exfoliate those hard and tired feet with this lavender-scented exfoliant foot peel, designed for rough and cracked dry feet. It also helps get rid of calluses and dead skin.

69. Dual Pack of USB Portable Chargers: $19.99

Charge your devices at home or on the go with these dual portable chargers designed for many different device brands.

70. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden: $20

Easily grow your own herbs indoors with these vintage mason jar planters.

71. Life-Saver Straw: $9.89

This gift could actually save a life.

If you know an adventurous type who might get caught somewhere without potable water, they could use this straw to turn a natural fresh water source into a drinkable supply. It removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites – for less than $20.

72. Phone Crossbody Bag: $20

Look stylish while carrying your phone, a few credit cards, and cash in this stylish crossbody bag, available in three different colors.

73. Ceramic Planter With Wood Stand: $17.48

WorldMarket’s dark turquoise ceramic planter is handcrafted with terracotta and made in Vietnam. You can use it with or without the included wood stand.

74. Habit Tracking Calendar: $13

This habit tracking calendar is ideal for someone who really wants to change their habits and reach their goals in 2024.

The calendar has a spiral-shaped daily progress log and builds healthy routines by breaking objectives into manageable steps.

75. Milk Chocolate Pecan Myrtles: $24.95

It’s milk chocolate, caramel, and roasted and salted pecans, and it all comes in a festive tin.

Go buy it.

76. Holiday Skiers Organic Cotton Dish Towel: $9.95

Look, it’s a cute little organic cotton dish towel with a design of friendly and fast skiers. You might want that.

77. Ticket Stub Organizer: $15.30

For those of us who still actually enjoy paper tickets, this ticket stub organizer is a great way to keep them from piling up!

78. S’mores Kit: $24.95

Winter is here and it’s time to build a fire and enjoy some classic, delicious s’mores.

This kit makes 8 s’mores and includes graham crackers and milk chocolate squares. Bring your own fire!

79. Donate to Feeding America: $1 to $25

Through Crate and Barrel, you can give a meaningful gift to Feeding America – a nonprofit working to end hunger. Choose a $1, $5, $10 or $25 donation.

80. Acacia Pasta Drying Rack: $18.95

Homemade pasta isn’t easy to make, but this pasta drying rack made from acacia wood will definitely help the home chef in your life make delicious pasta.

81. 2023 Holiday Snowflake Picture Frame Ornament: $10.95

Remember one of your highlights from 2023 with this picture frame ornament in the shape of a snowflake.

82. Nike Men’s Sportswear Club Fleece Joggers: $22.47

These loose-fit fleece joggers are perfect for the man in your life who wants to look stylish and feel comfortable.

83. Nike All Field 4.0 Football: $19.98

It’s a football, made from composite leather, ideal for throwing. Go throw it.

84. Vanity Makeup Mirror: $13.99

Stay pretty with this vanity makeup mirror that comes with a natural bamboo stand. The mirror offers 3X magnification and swivels as well.

85. Electronics Cleaning Putty: $8.49

Cheap enough to get some for yourself, too, this gross-looking putty makes cleaning up tricky technology nooks and crannies a breeze. It’s perfect for car interiors, too.

86. Sushi Making Kit: $14.98

We’ve shown you the tools to help make homemade pasta, now let’s go after homemade sushi.

This sushi making kit comes with a bamboo rolling mat, sushi bazooka, chopstick holders, rice paddle, and avocado slicer.

87. Taylor Swift 2024 Wall Calendar: $19.97

We’re not looking for trouble, but we do want to share this 2024 Taylor Swift wall calendar with you that’s perfect for Swifties everywhere.

Based on Tay-Tay’s Eras tour, the calendar features fun concert scenes from each month.

88. Rapid Egg Cooker: $16.99

This egg cooker can hold up to six eggs at one time with soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness.

It makes hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and individual omelets within minutes.

89. Plant Life Support Waterer: $16

Do you have a black thumb? Do plant seeds gasp when they see you approach?

If so, this automatic plant watering system for indoor plants will help rebuild your reputation in the plant seed kingdom. Plants in small pots have enough water to last for seven days.

90. Small Indoor Space Heater: $21.99 

This 1000 watt fast-heating ceramic electric room heater is portable and is perfect for a small bedroom or office desk.

91. Deluxe Art Set: $16.30

Inspire your kids – or anyone really – with their artistic side with this multimedia 29-piece art kit. They can try everything and find their favorite way to create!

92. Set of 3 Cashmere Socks: $24.99

Keep the wifey or that special woman in your world nice and warm this winter with these winter, fleeced thick cashmere socks. Choose from a variety of colors in sets of three socks.

93. The Christmas Movie Cookbook: $18.98

If Christmas movies have ever made you hungry, put this cookbook on your list.

Try out the old-fashioned meatloaf from “A Christmas Story,” the chicken, broccoli, and cheddar cheese soup from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” the Christmas pudding from “A Christmas Carol,” the really rich hot chocolate from “Polar Express,” the questionable spaghetti from “Elf,” and 60+ more recipes!

94. Moleskine Notebook: $16

Sure, it may be unnecessarily trendy, but you can never go wrong with a plain empty moleskin notebook – choose lined pages, grid paper or plain old blank for the sketchers in your life.

95. Faux Fur Throw Blanket: $16.99

You can never have too many throw blankets in a list of 100 gifts less than $25.

This 50” x 60” reversible throw blanket is perfect to throw in a couch or sofa bed, and it will keep you warm all winter long.

96. Jewelry Organizer Box: $24.99

This small jewelry organizer box comes with a mirror and helps you keep your jewelry organized and free from annoying tangles.

97. Chicken Nugget Keychain: $9.89

Why would you ever need or want a chicken nugget keychain?

Honestly, we have no idea. But, if you haven’t noticed, we’re at 97 on a list of 100 gifts under $25 and the ideas are sparse at this point, friends.

So there you go. Here’s a rubber chicken nugget on a keychain.

98. Handheld Battery Milk Frother: $5.99 

This handheld battery operated milk frother makes a creamy froth in seconds. It’s perfect for a coffee, latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate, and comes in a variety of color options.

99. Juniper Bonsai Tree: $19.99

Wax on, wax off with this juniper bonsai tree. And if you don’t get that reference go watch “Karate Kid.”

Whether or not you get the wisdom of Mr. Miyagi, this small bonsai tree with a small “mountain” is a great gift for home and office decor.

100. Air Compression Massager with Heat: $99.96

Okay, we lied. We gave you 99 gifts under $25 but we decided to wrap up this list with one special gift less than $100.

Our 100th gift on this list comes in at $99.96 and like other gifts above focuses on relieving your stress and anxiety through the power of massage. This air compression massager fits like pant legs and covers everything from your thighs to toes. It’s designed to provide compression massage to your feet and legs with a hot compress function on your knees.

If you’ve got $100 to splurge on, take a look at this highly rated massage tool!

Robert Bruce is a Nashville-based contributing writer for The Penny Hoarder. He’s written about personal finance for more than a decade.