Spend Less, Give More: 100 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

gifts under $25
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Feeling overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list? You’re not alone.

Even the most organized shopper can get stressed out shopping for so many people. And between family, friends, significant others and the Secret Santa gift exchange at work, your wallet is definitely going to be more stressed than you…

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Luckily, this Penny Hoarder spent a few hours shopping online at work — er, doing research — to bring you the best gifts under $25 for absolutely everyone on your to-buy-for list.

For the Foodie

Here’s the thing: Who isn’t a foodie these days?

Whether you’ve yet to cross off your circle’s aspiring chef — or are just the guy who’s always on top of the hot new restaurants in town on Yelp — the gifts below are a great bargain.

1. The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board — $19.95

For the kitchen king who always makes sure everything is perfect, check out this cutting board — on deep sale off its original price of $59.

But be prepared for a lecture on how your carrots julienne are actually allumette cut next time he’s over for dinner.

2. Pizza Cone Set — $14.99

We can all agree pizza is the best, right?

These cones create a fun new way to make and serve personal pizzas. Experiment with a sweet dough and fill them with fruit and yogurt for a dessert version.

3. Cookie Bowl Baking Pan — $9.89

What’s better than cookies and ice cream? Ice cream in a bowl made of cookie? Yes, please.

The lucky recipient of this gift can make her own version of just that — you might even be able to line it with tortillas to make taco shell bowls!

Check out all the other cool novelty baking pans Wilton has to offer, too.

4. Nessie Ladle — $12.47

I own one of these, and it’s pretty adorable. It’s not the most functional ladle in the world, but look at it!

Stick it in that cauldron of soup, and you’ve got a mythical creature sighting!

5. Herb Stripper — $4.01

Cooking with fresh herbs ups the ante in any recipe — but it can also be a giant, time-consuming pain in the neck. Or wrists.

This handy gadget makes stripping the tasty parts of herbs off their stems a breeze. Just make sure you’re on the guest list for the meal!

6. Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish — $15

This lovely little ceramic dish has a rough center for grating fresh garlic cloves into olive oil, creating a perfect dip for a hearty slice of bread or even drizzling over pasta or steamed veggies.

I’ve heard someone say before she makes a dessert dip with hers, grating fresh dark chocolate into warmed heavy cream. Yum.

7. Cast Iron Garlic Roaster — $16.95

If you’ve never had whole-roasted garlic spread on thick slices of crusty white bread, stop reading this list, and go have that experience.

And you should definitely buy this roaster for someone special, so he can have that experience over and over again.

8. Mini Waffle Maker — $9.99

Not only are you giving the gift of perfect, single-serving waffles whenever your lucky friend wants them, but waffle makers have amazing versatility!

Check out all the stuff you can do with them — but not if you haven’t had lunch yet. I did eat, and that list still makes me drool.

9. 8” Cast Iron Skillet — $16.95

A staple in my kitchen, cast iron can change the way you cook — you’ll start to cook everything in it.

The convenience of being able to effortlessly travel from oven to stovetop has transformed many of my favorite dishes. Because properly-seasoned cast iron lasts a lifetime, at less than $20, this one’s a steal.

10. Your Top Secret Recipe — And The Spices Needed to Make It — $20.50

If you’re willing to divulge grandma’s prized concoctions, we won’t tell. You could have a cheap but meaningful gift at your disposal.

Print out — or handwrite! — the recipe, and include three or more of the necessary spices, especially if they’re more exotic and less likely to already have a place on the recipient’s shelf.

This package is cute (and you can pick from the seller’s premade packages if you’re stumped) — but you could also just head to the grocery store and grab the spices for $3 each or less.

Package nicely, and you’re good to go!

11. Good Chocolate — Under $10

“Good,” of course, is subjective and relative — but I’ve not met much chocolate I didn’t like. (A few, though. I’m looking at you, Three Musketeers.)

You can get an insanely nice, single-origin, small-batch craft bar of chocolate for $8.50, and it’s a real treat (and definitely gift-worthy) for a chocolate fanatic like me.

Or, head to your local grocery and grab a bar of Godiva or Ghirardelli for close to $3. Get this package on Amazon, and you’ve just knocked 3-6 people off your shopping list for under $20!

12. Really Good Cheese — Under $25

When I lived near a Kroger, I would raid the $5-or-less cheese bin — where they toss the odds and ends of the sexy, expensive cheeses that live in the special case. It was one of my favorite weekend activities.

If you want to give a gourmet in your life a really nice present, give yourself permission to go a little crazy on the cheese case. Get the $12 triple-creme Brie or the $15 imported Gruyère. Add a bottle of wine or charcuterie for even more brownie points.

Brownies might pair well, too!

13. Engraved Cheese Knives — $24.99

If the cheese-lover in your life (see above) knows her cheese better than you, skip the cheddar. Grab the utensils she needs to serve it in style!

This set is conveniently engraved with the proper utility of each — hard, soft, crumbly and serving — so her guests won’t feel fumbly at her next cheesy soirée.

14. State Cheese Slates — $19.99

How many gifts will be based on cheese, you ask?

Last one. Maybe. I make no promises.

These cheese boards are cute and under $20, and if you have a cheese lover in your life with a knack for hosting parties, these are perfect.

15. New Orleans in a Box — $16.48

One of my very favorite parts of an insane 11,000-mile solo road trip was eating beignets and drinking chicory coffee at Café du Monde in NOLA.

If there’s someone on your list who knows what it means to miss New Orleans, this gift is a perfect fit (though after all those beignets, her pants might not be anymore).

16. The Freshest Mushrooms Possible — $17.35

Nothing replaces the savory, earthy flavor of fresh mushrooms.

Now, a lucky member of your list can grow her own with almost zero effort!

For the Caffeine Junkie

If you have a friend who’s never without a hot cup, here are a couple of perfect gifts.

17. Really Good Coffee — $12.76

Illy is a favorite indulgence of mine, but any nice, local, single-origin coffee can make an impressive gift.

Heck, I’d gladly take Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, too. You’re looking between $8 and $16.

18. Milk Frother — $19.95

Your favorite latte-a-day drinker is spending something like $1,500 dollars a year if he buys a $4 drink every day of the week.

This milk frother would allow him to emulate the silky, foamy latte texture at home — while saving a boatload of cash.

For the Amateur Mixologist or Sommelier

For the friend who’s always hosting parties with bowls of creative punch or begging you to come to a wine tasting…

19. Round Ice Sphere Molds — $19.99

You know that one friend who wants to get dressed up and hit fancy bars with antlers hung on the walls and suspender-wearing bartenders?

She’ll want these ice molds to emulate pretentious cocktails at home. This set will cost the same as about 2.5 of those drinks — but keep making Old Fashioneds for years.

20. Grow-Your-Own Cocktail Kit — $12

Experiment with herbal cocktails with fresh thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm and blue borage.

A great gift even for the teetotaler who likes to experiment with exotic recipes.

21. Moscow Mule Mug — $9.99

Mules have been trendy lately, and just aren’t the same without the metal mugs that keep the beverage cold.

22. Craft Cocktail Base — $18.19

Is the “amateur mixologist” thing not going so well for an ambitious friend or two? Bittermilk takes the guesswork out — and some of these concoctions sound pretty darn good.

Charred grapefruit tonic mixer with sea salt? Smoked honey whiskey sour mix? Yes, please.

23. Craft Bitters — $22.42

For the more talented at-home barkeep, exotic bitters can be a great way to liven up classic cocktail recipes.

Bittermens makes great bitters. I can vouch for the Burlesque flavor; the Hellfire Habanero Shrub is next on my list!

24. Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Wine Rack — $17.99

This rack holds nine standard wine bottles — and positions them on their sides to facilitate the cork contact that’s crucial for long-term storage.

Plus, you know, it’s pretty! And a great way to save pantry space.

25. Whiskey Stones — $20

Give the gift of less-watered-down whiskey to a friend who likes to sit and sip.

Freeze the stones to achieve cool beverages without ice dilution.

26. Ice Shot Mold — $9.76

Take “cold drink” to a new standard by drinking from a vessel made of ice!

Get creative and customize your shot glasses with herbs, bitters or muddled berries as pictured.

27. Good Wine/Craft Beer — Under $25

Why not go straight for the good stuff?

Pick up a nice bottle of winenot the $7.99 red blend from Dark Horse. Or snag some quality craft beer (Christmas Ales are out), and give them a gift they won’t be tempted to return.

For the Friend Whose Apartment You Covet

You know, the one whose home is flawless, color-coordinated and whose dishes and curtains are somehow always clean? These awesome gifts will add to that beautiful space.

28. Unzipped Glass Bag — $14.86

This is the cutest candy dish I’ve ever seen and will look great filled with M&Ms, pretzels or any other handy snack foods.

I’d probably not recommend using it as a fish bowl as pictured — just for the cracker snack, perhaps.

29. Wooden Jewelry Bowl — $24.50

Look how pretty! And who on your list wouldn’t love this as a gift?

30. Wooden Trinket Box — $6.99

Use this for cotton balls in the bathroom, jewelry on the nightstand or odds and ends anywhere else.

It’s a beautiful accessory for less than $10!

31. Floating Books Bookshelf — $12.74

For the bookworm on your list with the minimalist aesthetic.

I remember being so confused the first time I saw these at a friend’s house. Great brain teaser!

32. Magnetic Sand Hourglass — $12.99

This hourglass would look handsome on any desk.

Perhaps it could help enforce those “just a few more minutes” promises we all make ourselves!

33. City Map Glasses — $12.50

These tumblers put a whole city into your hands — from Portland to New Orleans.

Perfect for a proud New Yorker or a loved one who left her heart in San Francisco.

34. Skyline Posters  — $18

My favorite thing about these skyline posters is that they’re not just huge cities.

Selections include tons of U.S. cities from Hangerstown, Maryland, to Penny Hoarder headquarters — St. Petersburg, Florida.

35. Vanishing Vase — $20

Got an artsy friend whose workspace needs a little lift? This bud vase might just do the trick.

36. Faceted Metal Vase — $24

When it comes to bud vases, you need options. This one would look super cool with marigolds.

37. Cat Ring Bowl — $13

This cat-decorated ring dish from West Elm is a stylish and efficient way to display jewelry — for any cat-lover.

38. Firefly Clip String Lights — $20

Remember real, tangible, printed photos? You can still make them at CVS or Walmart, or even through online vendors like Mpix.

These clip string lights make a beautiful way to display them in any room.

39. DIY Terrarium Kit — $25

Beautiful succulent displays are a hot home décor item right now — but how much more fun is it to make your own?

This kit includes everything your lucky recipient needs to make her own living masterpiece.

40. Dancing Water Speaker — $17.25

With this speaker from e-Joy, every song has a visual accompaniment.

Water and multicolored lights “dance” to the beat set by the music. I mean, some people really already do have everything…

41. Rustic Metal Wall Decorations — $23.99

Living in an apartment hip enough to pull off this brass ampersand symbol as a standalone art object is on my bucket list.

For the New Mom

Bonus: Add a bottle of wine to any of these.

42. Mute Button Binkies — $4.45

Even the most devoted mom just needs a break sometimes.

This is a great gag gift — but one she can actually put to use, too.

43. Puzzles — $15

Mom needs to pay attention to something else for a change. Like just one full episode of one TV show on Netflix. Just one.

Set her up to keep everyone in the house occupied with this set of five puzzles — she might even get in on the fun herself.

44. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle — $15

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated — especially when chasing the little ones all day long. But plain water can get boring after a while.

Mom can add the flavor of fresh cut strawberries or cucumbers to her eight-glasses-a-day with this inventive bottle. The extra prep time might feel like a luxurious, healthy indulgence.

45. Stackable Lunch Pot — $24.95

A convenient way for Mom to pack lunch for the kids — or herself.

46. Mask Testers — $25

Help pamper mom with this neatly packaged collection of masks from Origins.

Or insource the idea, and knock a bunch more folks off your list at once for the same amount of money. Make some DIY beauty products, package them nicely and give as gifts.

47. Cereal Bowls — $24.99

Cereal is an amazing morning time-saver. Mom can serve it up in style with this set of cute bowls from Target,.

48. A Coloring Book — $9.95

Nope, not for the kids. You may have heard the news that coloring has been shown to reduce stress in adults — so what better gift for a busy new mom?

She can color these more intricate, mature-motor-skills version, while the kids go nuts with the crayons.  

49. Cozy Slippers — $20

Every single mom — in fact, every single person — needs a go-to pair of cozy slippers.

These come in three sizes and four colors, and they’re on sale right now!

50. A Bath Bomb — $12.95

Nothing feels as luxurious as a long soak in the tub, complete with a lit candle, a good book and a fizzy bath bomb.

Get your favorite busy mom one from LUSH. Even better? It’s already perfectly wrapped.

51. “You’re Going to Be a Daddy” Spoon — $20

This one’s a little different — a gift for the mother-to-be to consider for someone special!

If you can wait until Christmas to make the announcement, this would be a really cute way to do it — and a great keepsake thereafter.

For the Newlyweds

Or possibly for bae. See also everything under the “friend whose apartment you covet” subhead.

52. DIY Love Map — $22

This is so adorable it’s nauseating.

If you and your significant other travel a lot or have a footloose couple on your list, this is a great way for them to track their adventures together.

It even comes with little heart stickers to place over each destination. Awwwww.

53. Toothpaste Squeezer — $11.72

“That’s not romantic,” you may think. Hear me out.

How many times have you had or heard the “Why don’t you use all the toothpaste” fight?

You know, the one where one person is like, “I just kind of squeeze the tube and then when toothpaste stops coming out, it’s done,” and the other person in the couple is horrified because they painstakingly roll up the tube to get every… last… viable… drop?

This gift will save your relationship — or one you know is on the rocks — for $12. It’s basically unconscionable not to get it.

54. “What I Love About You By Me” — $10

More filed under “So much aww I kind of want to throw up a little.”

But come on, a personalizable keepsake for a $10 bill? Hard to beat.

55. Personalized Grocery Tote — $12.99

Got a friend who’s excited about her new last name? Get her this monogrammed grocery shopping tote to help her go green.

56. 52 Great Dates — $15

Give a couple you love the gift of a whole year of awesome date nights — 48 premade ideas and four blank ones for them to fill in with their own perfect days.

For Your Bestie

For your go-to good-news guy or the girl who always takes your 3 a.m. we-just-broke-up phone call, your gift’s gotta be good — but doesn’t have to be expensive.

57. Peanut Butter and Jelly Necklaces — $16

If you go together like PB&J, these necklaces are a great way to feel close — even when life

won’t let you stay joined at the hip.

They also look super realistic. Bonus points for that.

58. Sterling Silver Bow Ring — $20

Tie a silver forget-me-not bow on your best friend’s finger for $20.

It’s perfect for long-distance friendships.

59. Secret Message Ring — $12.95

Remind your bestie to take a deep breath.

But because this ring just looks like a beautiful aluminum band to outsiders, it’ll be your little secret.

60. One Pound Bag of Your Biffle’s Favorite Starburst Flavor — $7.92

I’ll admit this one’s got an ulterior motive: He always wants all your pink ones.

Now, you’ll finally get to enjoy your Starburst in peace — the whole roll.

The Entrepreneur

The up-and-comer in your life will find even more success with these gifts.

61. Domain Name — Starting at $2.99

Depending on the name your boss friend needs to create a perfect web presence, you might pay as little as $3 — and be gifting her earning power in the meantime.

62. Travel Coffee Mug — $24.99

Putting your heart and soul into your business means that sleep can be a low priority.

This gift will help the Type-A personality on your list stay caffeinated — no matter where he is.

63. Touchscreen Gloves — $11.99

The business-minded often need to be constantly on-call. Help them stay reliable — and warm.

These gloves are fully technology-compatible but don’t have the funny-looking multi-colored fingertips other versions do.

64. Multiple USB Charger — $17.99

Technology needs to stay charged to be useful.

This charger saves space and keeps everything in one place without tangling all the cords in the world.

65. Productivity Planner — $24.95

Everything digital these days, but this productively planner is perfect for those who want to take 10 minutes each morning to plan out a, well, productive day.

For the Fashion-Conscious

For those on your list who always look “on fleek” (is that how they use that phrase?), make sure your gift keeps up. It doesn’t have to cost as much as a Coach purse!

66. Personalized Cufflinks — $18

So Dad or hubby will keep you in mind during his next meeting.

67. Sash Samba Belt — $13.99

A waist belt can really bring any outfit together, be it a dress or a blouse over slacks.

Grab this one for a favorite fashionista for less than 20 bucks.

68. Wishbone Necklace — $24

This necklace is cute on its own, but it looks like this Etsy seller was inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s fashion choice in making it.

I’d call that fashion-savvy, right?

69. Starry Night Necklace — $20

This necklace is both a statement piece and could go with pretty much any outfit — a hard balance to strike.

Even if this one doesn’t quite work for you, this whole Etsy shop is filled with great gifts under $20.

70. Slouchy Knit Beanie — $25

The best kind of cold weather gear is the kind that’s both functional and cute — this hat fits the intersection perfectly.

Want to hoard even more pennies? Knit your own — then teach me how!

For the Adventurer

What do you get the footloose friend who’s always on the road? Even if you can’t afford a plane ticket, help feed their wanderlust.

71. Life-Saver Straw — $19.95

This gift could actually save a life.

If you know an adventuring type who might get caught somewhere without potable water, they could use this straw to turn a natural fresh water source into a drinkable supply. It removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites — for less than $20.

I wouldn’t let my loved ones go camping without it — unless their “camping” trip was to the local KOA.

72. Compass — $9.29

A GPS doesn’t actually cover the whole globe — especially if you’re far from a power source and your batteries die.

A compass is a good backup to have — and looks cool on a mantle in between travels.

73. Bottle Opener Ring — $1.35

Don’t let them get stuck without a way to open their cold beer around the campfire. They can wear their access to suds for less than $2.

74. “Get Lost” Flask — $20

A flask true to the wandering spirit’s heart!

75. The World’s Smallest Key Light — $8.99

Look at this. Look how handy it is, how many times it would save you a lot of trouble.

It’s less than $10.

76. Yoga/Movement — $20

Nothing feels as good as getting up and moving — and finding new ways to move can be one of the most exciting adventures available.

There are tons of $20-for-30 yoga and dance class packages available on Groupon. Many studios offer discounted introductory rates. Shop around!

77. Ticket Stub Organizer — $14.39

For the compulsive hoarder of mementos. It’s a great way to keep them from piling up!

The Secret Santa You Only Talk to at the Water Cooler

Responsible for a gift for someone you just don’t know very well? You can’t fail with any of these options.

78. A Gift Card — Maybe for Even More Than $25

So you probably already considered the classic, Secret Santa go-to: the Starbucks gift card.

But if you head to a site like Raise, you could score a discounted gift card for a higher denomination, like $30, for the $25 you spend in cash.

Nothing like turning money into more money!

79. Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap — $5

Soap as a gift isn’t insulting when it’s nice soap.

80. Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory — $9

Does the person you’re buying a gift for have a phone? And a soul? Then they’ll love this cat-shaped earphone jack plug.

Bonus: It keeps dirt and dust out of the jack so it works like a charm every time.

81. Shark Fin Tea Infuser — $11.09

You’ve probably seen enough of this person around the office to know whether they’re the coffee or tea type.

If tea, this is a cute, cheeky gift — especially if that coworker has a “Jaws” poster in their cube!

82. Shark Attack Mug — $16.99

If you want to spend the full $20 cap for your Secret Santa, pair this with the tea infuser above!

83. Watercolors iPhone Case — $9.50 – $24

Artsy coworker proud of their new iPhone 6S? Help them protect it in style with this pretty case.

84. Macbook Keyboard Cover — $19.46

Another gift that pairs well with the one above it.

Protect your Secret Santa’s pricy laptop, while making it look like a technicolor wonder at the same time.

85. Electronics Cleaning Putty — $4.99

Cheap enough to get some for yourself, too, this putty makes cleaning up tricky technology nooks and crannies a breeze.

86. Champagne Gummy Bears — $8.50

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like champagne or gummy bears.

I also don’t know anyone who’s tried champagne gummy bears, but how can they be bad?

87. A Good Book — $25 or Less

First: Please applaud me for not writing “priceless” in the price section for this gift.

Second: Seriously, a good book can be a life-changing gift.

Yes, taste matters, but some books are classics for a reason. Pick up anything Margaret Atwood for a pretty good chance at making a friend out of your Secret Santa.

88. 6 Months of Dollar Shave Club — $18

If you choose the $3-per-month box, give someone the gift of not buying overpriced razors for half a year.

By the way, this service isn’t just for guys — I subscribe! Don’t pay the pink tax for a “feminine” razor, which is a meaningless phrase, anyway.

89. Mug — $15 or Less

Mugs are an easy, useable gift — and if you know just a little bit about the person, you can get a fairly personal one.

I might grab this one for our Visual Editor here in the office — shh, don’t tell! 🙂

Bonus: Fill it up with a few tea bags, a pound of coffee (about $8) or some biscotti for an extra-nice gift.

For the Hard-to-Buy-For

Everyone has people on their list they dread shopping for because it’s just not very easy. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for the folks who have absolutely everything.

90. A New Hobby — $20

Get a set of new knitting needles for $10, or probably for a lot less at a thrift store.

Throw in a couple of skeins of yarn and some free knitting patterns/youtube instructionals and you’ve given someone the gift of a new (potentially lucrative!) hobby.


91. Deluxe Art Set — $15.70

Inspire their artistic side with this multimedia kit. They can try everything and find their favorite way to create!

92. A Homemade Meal (Like a Really Nice One) — $25 or Less

This gift is a winner (winner, chicken-or-possibly-something-else dinner) not only because it’s pretty cheap, but because it also involves catching up with the loved one when you sit down to eat it!

“Give” the gift in the form of a coupon or card with a line asking the recipient to name a good time — and maybe even her preferred meal, if you’ve got mad kitchen skills.

93. Homemade Baked Goods — $25 or Less

A homemade gift from the heart that’s portable and more easily put under the tree than a whole dinner.

Plus, cookies!

94. Moleskine — Up to $25

Go ahead and make fun of me for being a stereotypical writer, but empty notebooks have always been a staple in my stocking. Moleskine is one of my favorite brands — they’re sturdy, handsome and have tons of themed options.

There’s sure to be a gift appropriate for everyone on your list. They have baby journals, wellness journals, book journals and journals for tasting notes of chocolate, cheese or wine, just to name a few.

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a plain empty notebook — choose lined pages, grid paper or plain old blank for the sketchers in your life.

95. Tickets to a Local Show — $25 or Less

Support local music — the fame discrepancy means you can see some incredible talent for a fiver. It’s a far cry from the listed $1,500 price of floor tickets the last time T. Swift was in town!

Google local music in your area, use apps to follow specific musicians and see when they’ll be appearing in your region or put out your feelers. Small bands want to be heard: Check telephone poles and community boards for flyers announcing shows.

If you find a bar that has $2 drafts, buy your recipient a whole night out for less than $25.

96. A Movie Date Night — $25 or Less

Even the priciest theaters aren’t usually more than $12 a ticket. If you bring your own snacks, this is a viable option. Nerd out! 

Check out other cheap date night ideas here — lots of these can make romantic Christmas gifts if you plan them right!

97. Savings Account — $25

The minimum amount to open a savings account with a number of banks, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America just so happens to be $25.

This could be the perfect gift for a child who just got her first paper route or babysitting gig — get her started on the right foot and teach her the importance of saving.

98. Humble Bundle — Up to $25 (Pay What You Want!)

If you know a voracious gamer, but don’t want to drop $50 on the newest big name game, check out Humble Bundle, a collection of indie PC games available to anyone with a Steam account.

Pay what you want, and give your recipient the gift of games from up-and-coming developers who need the boost.

99. A Pair of Chickens, a Water Jug or 100 Bars of Soap for a Needy Family — $18-$20

If you’re feeling charitable, give one of these generous gifts in your recipient’s name.

Feel good about how your money is being spent, and your recipient will feel like he’s part of an effort to save lives and make the world a better place — the holiday spirit in its truest sense.

If this sounds like an appealing option, check out our list of other charitable gifts for less than $25.

100. Forgotten English Calendar — $14.99

This is a fun gift that will work for literally anyone on your list who speaks English, uses calendars and has a flat surface to display it.

I got it as a Christmas gift one year and have purchased it myself every year since. Where else can you find gem words to incorporate into your daily usage, like “lunting”? (Verb: to walk while smoking a pipe.)

Free Gift Ideas

Need to stick to a tighter budget? We hear you — that’s why we also have 100 free gift ideas for you!

Your Turn: Which of these gifts under $25 would you like to give or receive? What other options can you suggest?

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Jamie Cattanach is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder and a native Floridian. She’s passionate about learning, literature, chocolate and finding ways to live the good life as cost-effectively as possible. You can wave hi to @jamiecattanach on Twitter.