21 Fabulous DIY Blogs to Spark Your Creativity and Help You Save Money

DIY projects
amy gizienski under Creative Commons

While many hobbies can set you back quite a lot of cash, DIYing your home, wardrobe and even beauty supplies can actually save you big bucks while scratching your crafty itch.

Thanks to Pinterest and the black hole that is the Internet, I’ve been quickly adding to my list of favorite DIY blogs.

The sites below all share projects that are simple to complete and easy on the wallet. I’ve tackled many of them myself, from the body butter I use daily to the bed I sleep in every night.

Ready to try some new DIY projects? Enjoy (and happy crafting)!

Save Money With DIY Projects: 21 Fabulous DIY Blogs


1. A Beautiful Mess

Run by sisters, A Beautiful Mess is the perfect lifestyle blog mix. There’s something for every DIYer and even if you can’t scrapbook or plan a wedding, the gorgeous photos are enough of a reason to visit.

Post you’ll love: Elsie’s DIY Dining Room Table

I have a nook in my house that’s perfect for a wide, custom desk, and Elsie’s dining room table inspired me to build it. One afternoon and $80 later, I have the perfect desk for my little nook that a carpenter had quoted me $800 to build.

2. Brit + Co

This DIY conglomerate has everything from leather tutorials to online classes for bloggers. While their photography might make you feel like you don’t have the skills, their tutorials are easy to follow and truly unique.

Post you’ll love: 15 Easy Ways to Turn T-Shirts into Jewelry

I would never think to turn my old t-shirts into works of art, but now I gotta have ‘em all. This post is Brit + Co at its finest: repurposing items we all have into something truly beautiful, for no money at all.

3. Curry Strumpet

Based in Amsterdam, Deepa writes about everything from being a mom to living as an expat. But her creative projects, while not the focus of her blog, are extraordinary.

Post you’ll love: Before & After: Ikea Brimnes Bed

Is this my favorite DIY project on the internet? Most definitely. When my husband and I moved into a studio apartment, we spent $200 on an Ikea bed with drawers. Then, using this post, we turned it into something magical. All we needed was a little wallpaper (and a ton of patience).

DIY wallpaper bed from Curry Strumpet

4. Design Sponge

From amazing columns like “Living In” and “Biz Ladies,” Design Sponge is the DIY blog for those serious about design. Or at least pinning like crazy.

Post you’ll love: Flowers Under $50: Taming the Grocery Store Bouquet

I had $100 to spend on flowers for my backyard wedding last October, and Design Sponge was where we turned for DIY flower ideas that didn’t suck. Lo and behold, our wedding flowers were epic and we just bought them from the corner store.

DIY wedding flowers
Nirav Patel

5. Ruffles & Truffles

This is one of those great blogs from a woman who “has it all,” but her site doesn’t feel inaccessible. Katie’s blog has a personal feel while she inspires readers to make anything they can dream up.

Post you’ll love: Tree stump table DIY

I live in a wooded suburb and there are more stumps than you can shake a stick at (har har). So when my husband and I wanted to go rustic with our decor, we used a gorgeous redwood stump off the street, followed this DIY, and now have a fantastic side table that cost a whopping $0.

6. Shabby Love Blog

You’ll find furniture painting, wall art ideas and smaller construction projects here on Shabby Love Blog. Simple, easy to follow and great pictures — all of what makes any DIY blog the perfect companion to your obsession.

Post you’ll love: For the Love of Ironstone

My husband, delightful man that he is, has a Lego problem. While I’m an advocate for making competing design styles work, a giant Lego Star Wars ship is not my idea of class. I wasn’t about to make him get rid of it though, so we compromised by building this shelf as a beautiful way to display anything from Legos to ceramics.

DIY wooden shelf from Shabby Love Blog


7. Ana White

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, Ana White is the place to start. Her site features how tos from across the web with clear construction plans anyone can work with.

Post you’ll love: Reclaimed-Wood Headboard

Save a ton of money by buying a simple platform bed and building your own headboard. This plan for a reclaimed-wood headboard is straightforward and the perfect place to start if you’re a beginner carpenter.

8. Apartment Therapy

While Apartment Therapy often makes me want to buy every home decor item in existence, they also have an incredible arsenal of content on how to make the most of what you have.

Post you’ll love: 10 Ways To Use IKEA’s Bekvam Spice Racks All Over the House

At $3 a pop, Ikea’s spice racks have a ridiculous amount of uses given the cost. I’ve used mine in both the kitchen and bathroom. I never would have thought to use these as clever storage, but thanks to Apartment Therapy I now have a backlog of ideas on how to make the most of my wall space.

9. Cuckoo for Design

From tufted chairs to painted curtains, Julia from Cuckoo for Design tackles projects big and small with incredible results. What I love most about her is that she’s just an everyday person who has a knack for working with what she’s got.

Post you’ll love: Black and White Cross Hallway Wall

Anyone else bored with beige renter’s walls? Julia used vinyl to create a modern look for her hallway. Now I know I don’t have to live with boring beige anymore.

10. The DIY Playbook

Casey and Bridget, the BFF bloggers behind The DIY Playbook, take on a huge range of challenges for folks on a budget. And while they work with heavy hitters like Domino and Home Goods, reading their posts is like chatting with a friend.

Post you’ll love: How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer

You knew there’d be a mason jar post in here somewhere! I love this post because I never have enough bathroom storage and I hate all the clutter. I made a few of these with friends one afternoon and they turned out to be super easy with just the right amount of crafty vintage.

11. Dwell Beautiful

The brains behind Dwell Beautiful, Erica, is a new homeowner in the Pacific Northwest who shares her DIYs with crisp, clear tutorials. With everything from Ikea hacks to custom built shelves, I’m always impressed with Erica’s diversity of projects.

Post you’ll love: The Great Crate Challenge

When I moved into my new house we had a weird bedroom set up where there were only 10 inches on either side of the bed. No bedside table known to man is that narrow so the only option was to make our own. Dwell’s crate challenge inspired us to use crates instead — genius!

12. Emily Henderson

HGTV star Emily Henderson is a goddess and we are mere mortals. Her popular and frequently updated blog is a crafter’s mecca.

Post you’ll love: DIY Tree Slab Side Table in Redbook

I never in a million years would have thought to make my own side table, nevermind using hairpin legs and a tree stump. Turns out it’s beyond easy and only costs $40.

13. Miss Mustard Seed

Marian is an amazing artist with a blog packed with tutorials and inspiration. She runs her own painting business, created a paint line and wrote the book Inspired You. Where Marian’s content really shines though is inspiring readers to take battered furniture and turn it into something great.

Post you’ll love: Union Jack Dresser Junior

Because of Marian, all my furniture has been snagged for $20 at a time, sanded, primed and repurposed. The anglophile in me fell in love with this union jack dresser, though I still haven’t been brave enough to replicate it.

14. Purl Bee

Be careful with Purl Bee; you definitely won’t save money if you make everything on their site. However, you will never run out of inspiration if you’re a serious crafter — think knitting, crocheting and sewing. I’ve made a few of their projects using yarn I already had and by sourcing materials through cheaper stores.

Post you’ll love: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Booties

These booties are perfect for your friends who pop out kids like there’s a population shortage. I bought just two skeins of yarn and have made this pattern for three different pregnant friends.

15. Young House Love

It’s impossible to talk about DIY without linking to Young House Love (RIP). The now defunct home and family blog is adored by millions and features videos, interviews, house tours and baby photos.

Post you’ll love: Framing Arrangements & Art Hanging Ideas

Young House Love inspired a mass of readers into loving the gallery wall. This video will walk you through how to use art and frames you already have into creative groupings.


16. Baked Bree

This food blog features recipes, snacks for kids and gifts ideas that will have you itching to get started on your next project.

Post you’ll love: Toffee Blondies

For a quick and inexpensive gift idea, toffee blondies in a jar hits the spot. You can use gifts in a jar for holidays, birthdays, showers, housewarmings, you name it. Cheap, easy, beautiful and delicious.


17. Wise Bread

Is there anything Wise Bread doesn’t have? While this is primarily a personal finance blog, they always have creative content on how DIY can help you save money long-term.

Post you’ll love: Make Your Clothing Fit Perfectly With These 10 No-Sew Fixes

If you’re anything like me, your weight might fluctuate, making those great-fitting pants from last Christmas become slightly uncomfortable by Easter. While I love getting clothes altered to fit perfectly, this post is a great resource for easy fixes that don’t permanently change anything.


18. Trash to Couture

A tablecloth jacket? Refashioned track pants? Trash to Couture is the ultimate upcycle blog. The head blogger, Laura, is a creative genius with mad sewing skills.

Post you’ll love: DIY Embellished Sweater

Turn an old sweater into a stunning piece of fashion. I’m waiting to stumble across the perfect applique so I can use and abuse my husband’s old shirts with a hot glue gun. This is exactly the type of reusing that’s not just good for the planet and our wallets, but gorgeous too.

19. Un-Fancy

While you might not categorize this fashion blog as DIY, it will help you save money. This minimalist lifestyle meets fashion blog not only inspires, but encourages us to buy less and use only what you love. Un-Fancy offers free worksheets to help you uncover your true style.

Post you’ll love:  How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been slowly trying out the capsule wardrobe idea. Instead of constantly buying new items I’ve been paring back, which has actually given me more outfit ideas — all without spending a dime.


20. Crunchy Betty

While Crunchy Betty hasn’t updated in awhile, her archives of amazing, natural and inexpensive beauty ideas will have you avoiding the beauty counter entirely. While she focuses on natural products, this blog isn’t just for the crunchy set.

Post you’ll love: No ‘Poo To You, Too!!!

Leslie’s famous No Poo (that’s “no shampoo” to you) post is what first introduced me to this brilliant site. Even if you just cut your shampooing to every two days or try a vinegar rinse (aka conditioner), you’ll be saving your hair and your wallet.

21. The Idea Room

Don’t hate me for sending you here. There’s not a single post on Amy’s blog I don’t immediately want to run out and make. You’re welcome.

Post you’ll love: DIY Whipped Body Butter Recipe

I will never again buy lotion from the store, because for just a few dollars I’ve made enough of this delicious-smelling body butter to last months. This recipe is simple, indulgent and completely wallet-friendly. The best part is there are different variations, so you’ll never get bored of the scent.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite DIY blog? What money-saving DIY projects do you love?

Marian Schembari is a writer, traveler and startup community development manager based in San Francisco.