Here’s How to Get Care From a Real Doctor for as Little as $25 — No Insurance Necessary

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No wonder doctors get paid the big bucks – have you seen what they bill your insurance after a visit? $600 to listen to your lungs and peek into your ear canal is nuts.

If you have insurance, you might end up only paying a $50 copay. But if you have a high deductible, or no coverage at all, you could be stuck with a discounted rate of “only” $400.

If you had known how much your visit would cost, you might have skipped your appointment, right? Having to choose between taking care of your body and going into debt just doesn’t seem right.

The good news is you don’t have to choose. A website called Sesame makes it possible to save a ton of money on your doctor’s visit. You can find a doctor online — or in your area — and know exactly how much you’ll pay without involving insurance (hint: it’s going to cost you a lot less).

For as Little as $25, The Doctor Will See You Now

Sesame is an online marketplace that will help you find an in-person or online doctor or specialist and understand your costs up front. With no need for insurance, you can see a doctor for as low as $25 and get medications delivered to you for only $5.

By cutting out the insurance middleman, Sesame can help people save an average of 60% when they go to the doctor. Having to choose between medical debt and your health isn’t a problem anymore.

Do you need to see a general practitioner? How about a dentist, dermatologist or psychiatrist? Whatever kind of care you need, you can find a doctor to see today and only pay an affordable out-of-pocket price.

It’s a great option for freelancers, business owners, people with high deductibles and especially the uninsured.

Find a Doctor (And Know Their Prices) in Minutes

If you need to see a doctor, Sesame makes it easy to get to them. Follow this link to see who is available today and how much it will cost you — standard appointments are between $30 and $60.

Select a doctor and choose a time to see them. Fill out your name, phone number and credit card information to pay and book. You don’t even need to create an account and your information is protected by the most trusted third-party payment processing platform in the world.

Sesame doesn’t take insurance, but you can pay for your visit with your HSA or FSA. If your insurance has out-of-network benefits, you can submit your receipt for reimbursement.

So, are you ready to take better care of yourself without shelling out hundreds of dollars? Book your first appointment on Sesame and use code TPH15 to save 15% on your first appointment.

Kari Faber is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s still paying off the most expensive doctor’s bill for a bad case of diaper rash.