College Students: Amazon Prime is $7.49/Month

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Are you a student? Are you a big Amazon Shopper? Did you know at the intersection of those two things is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is exactly what you think it is: a special Prime membership for students, but it comes at a discount — $7.49 a month — and with particular perks.

You can even try it for free for 6 months, which spans nearly a whole semester and a half for most college students. 

Perks of Prime Student

Your student membership doesn’t just go to paying for two-day guaranteed shipping. There are a plethora of benefits that come with the membership.

You gain access to:

How to Get Prime Student

To get a Prime Student account, you will need to use your higher education .edu email address. You can only use Prime Student for a total of four years, or until the end of your studies. After that point, the Prime Student membership will be converted into a normal Prime membership if you do not cancel it.

If you are not in the business of using Prime as an undergrad but are planning on going to grad school, try to keep the four-year time limit in mind if you are looking to get the maximum benefit out of Prime Student for yourself.

Is Prime Student Worth $7.49 a Month?

If you can manage it, absolutely. If you already have the expendable income to buy from Amazon or, for example, or are buying certain foods you struggle to find elsewhere and therefore buy on Amazon, then Prime Student is likely a steal for you. However, the entertainment options are solid just on their own, too.

If you’re looking to either not use Netflix, or use a substitute, then it can be worth it just for Prime Video, which is almost as cheap as Netflix with ads. You get access to a content library that has improved a lot in the past few years.

If you’re a big book reader or digital book reader, then Prime Reading provides unlimited access to a rotating catalog of ebooks and audiobooks. It also offers one free pre-release ebook every month. Lastly, comic books and magazines are included.

Naturally, gaming is another huge form of entertainment, especially for college students. Prime Gaming is a steal for those people, it comes with free games, free in-game content and Twitch benefits for gamers who love live streams.

And the last stop on the entertainment train is Prime Music, which could replace your other music platform, whether it’s Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music. Prime Music offers over 100 million songs, playlist creation and unlimited skips.

Any of these alone could cost more than the price of the Prime Student membership with other services. But with Prime Student, you get all of these benefits, plus the usual Amazon Prime benefits and lots of other ways to save money on items students typically need, all for half the cost of the regular Amazon Prime membership and for six months of free trial. 

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