This Cell Phone Company is 3x Cheaper Than the Average (Plus, Unlimited Data)

A mother and daughter laugh while looking at a cell phone.
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Parents, you’re all too familiar with how expensive cell phone service is. If you’ve got lines for the entire family, it’s probably a huge chunk of your monthly bills. One way to cut this cost is to buy a family bundle. 

We found a company that’ll give you four lines of cell phone service for $100 a month. That’s $25 per phone number — three times cheaper than the average. And it’s unlimited everything: unlimited data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texting.

This is a limited-time offer from Boost Mobile, a cell phone carrier that operates on Sprint’s wireless network. 

For reference, the average monthly cell phone bill is about $80, so getting a cell phone line for only $25 is three times cheaper than that.

See if Boost is the Right Fit For Your Family

If you want to bring your own phone, Boost’s compatibility checker makes it easy to see if your phone will work with Boost. Then, use the coverage map on Boost’s website to see how strong its network is where you live.

Boost also has nearly 50 new phones for sale, starting from $50, or you can choose from about a dozen refurbished phones. No matter what phone you buy, you can pay it off over the next 18 months.

For you wireless data nerds, here are Boost’s stats: HD Video streams at up to 1080p, music at up to 1.5 mbps and gaming at up to 8 mpbs.

The bottom line here is still: four lines of unlimited cell phone service for $100 a month. And if you should need a fifth line, you can add one for only $30 a month. That’s a heck of a family plan.

It takes less than a minute to see if your phone is compatible with Boost, or, if you’re tired of your broken screen and sad battery life, shop new phones starting at $50.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. He’s got little kids who want their own cell phones.