JetBlue is Offering 12 Days of Crazy Deals… Starting With $20 Flights

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Total disclosure: I’m a little upset about writing this post.

That’s because my self-control goes out the window when it comes to fare sales. Seriously; it’s part of why I participated in No Spend November!

And unfortunately for my bank account (but fortunately for my unslakable wanderlust), JetBlue’s running an incredible set of deals this December.

Starting Dec. 5, JetBlue will unveil a new fare sale everyday at 1 p.m. EST for its 12 Days of Deals promotion.

And considering the first deal was $20 one-way tickets, we’re pretty excited to see what’s coming up.

How to Score Cheap Airfare with JetBlue’s 12 Days of Deals

After (understandably) freaking out over $20 plane tickets, we did some digging and discovered a leaked list of all 12 deals.

A very important caveat: These deals aren’t confirmed.

The reddit user who posted them reveals nothing about where they got the scoop except that a “buddy” discovered the deals “using a little trickery.”

That said, they’ve all been accurate so far, and one TPH staffer’s stepmother, who works for JetBlue, confirms the Dec. 12 deal.

Update: All the deals so far have been confirmed, and the last one is set to go live today!

Here are JetBlue’s 12 days of deals, in all their glory:

Day One, Dec. 5: $20 one-way domestic fares
Day Two, Dec. 6: One-way fares to the Caribbean, Bermuda and Mexico starting at $30
Day Three, Dec. 7: $20 one-way fares to Florida, Las Vegas and California
Day Four, Dec. 8: Fares to Cuba starting at $54 one-way
Day Five, Dec. 9: Up to 30% off select vacation packages
Day Six, Dec. 10: One-way fares from $32 to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
Day Seven, Dec. 11: 50% off Lyft rides for new customers, up to $15 value
Day Eight, Dec. 12: Select one-way international fares from U.S. origins for $50
Day Nine, Dec. 13: Earn 4x bonus True Blue Points when you book today and travel by Feb. 28, 2017
Day Ten, Dec. 14: Up to 75% bonus True Blue Points when you buy or give 3,000+ points
Day Eleven, Dec. 15: $25 one-way fares to New York or Boston from select destinations
Day Twelve, Dec. 16: Up to 50% off a “winter escape”

Super cheap airfare is never anything to sneeze at, but it’s worth noting that restrictions definitely apply.

For instance, I got really excited on Dec. 5 when I noticed one of the eligible flight paths was from Orlando to Newark — a 20-buck trip to Manhattan? Count me in!

But in order to get my seat for that insane rate, I’d have had to be ready to pack up and fly the next day.

And unless I’d committed to the $20 flight from JFK to Orlando on Dec. 12, I’d have paid the regular fare for my return trip… which would have been as much as $199, depending on when I came home.

I’m pretty spontaneous, but that’s a lot of logistics to conquer, even for me. And that kind of red tape is likely to be the case with the rest of the deals, too.

But if you’ve got the travel bug, it’s certainly worth at least checking JetBlue’s deals (and our confirmations here!) as they’re unveiled. Think of it as a jetsetter’s Advent calendar.

And if one of the deals does work for you, man — that’s a way better prize than a piece of candy.

Your Turn: Will you take advantage of any of JetBlue’s 12 Days of Deals?

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