The Totally Genius (and Simple) Way This Family Saved Money at Disney World

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Nearly every kid dreams of going to Disney World

And nearly every parent dreams of a magic fairy who will help them pay for it all.

Because whether you’re planning to hit up Disney, Universal or some other theme park this summer, it’s not going to be cheap.

So I was psyched to discover an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on your trip — no matter which park you visit.

How to Save Hundreds on Your Theme Park Vacation

If you’re a smart Penny Hoarder, you’re probably already staying at a vacation rental with a kitchen.

And you’ve probably opted not to rent a car, and instead take advantage of the park’s free transportation.

So here’s one more trick: Get groceries delivered.

Not only is it convenient, but it’ll save you tons of money over expensive theme park food.

Christine McCarroll, co-owner of McCarroll’s The Village Butcher in Delmar, New York, tried this strategy on a recent family vacation to Disney World.

The trip was “really, really expensive,” she says, so they were looking for any ways to save money.

She ordered breakfast food, snacks for the kids, cases of water — even alcohol — through grocery delivery site WeGoShop, which she highly recommends.

“I paid for 12 bags, plus a percentage and a tip,” she says. “I don’t feel the prices were unreasonable… I had no car, no way to get there. It was a great deal.”

I might even try this the next time I stay at an Airbnb that doesn’t have a grocery store within walking distance.

Cheap, convenient and healthy — what’s not to like?!

Your Turn: Have you ever considered grocery delivery on vacation before?

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