This App Pays People Just to Buy Things From Their Favorite Brands (Get a Free $10 Now)

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How many hours have you spent digging into the dark depths of the internet, trying to find the absolute best price on a pair of Lululemon leggings? The answer is likely “too many,” but when paying full price isn’t an option, what else can you do?  

Here’s an idea: Stop spiraling so far down the web just to find a coupon worth $1. It’s not worth it. Instead, let a free cash-rewards app called Drop give you a kickback just for buying your favorite brands through its app. 

How to Get a Free $10 Just for Buying Your Favorite Brands

When you download Drop and quickly create an account, it will show you the best discounts and rewards from your favorite brands and services, like Uber Eats and Target — including ones that don’t normally offer reward programs themselves (hello, Apple!). It’s really that simple. 

It takes just seconds to find what you’re looking for. Then, when you purchase through the app or with a linked card, Drop will reward you with points you can exchange for gift cards. You can also stack discounts on top of each other and be confident you’re getting the best deals on all your shopping.

Even better? If you sign up today with code TPH, you’ll earn an extra 10,000 points (that’s $10!) to use toward gift cards to your favorite stores once you’ve earned your first 1,000 points. 

Once you sign up, you can start earning rewards right away. But here’s our favorite tip — if you link your credit or debit card, you’ll get personalized recommendations and exclusive offers that allow you to seamlessly earn rewards from participating brands whenever you shop online or in-store,

Drop has already paid out $26 million worth of rewards to its millions of users. How much could you earn?

Click here to download the Drop app and get your 10,000-point bonus when you use code TPH and earn your first 1,000 points by shopping through the app.