Exxon Mobil Credit Card Review

The new Smart Card from ExxonMobil throttles up the savings with even more discounts per gallon than the average gas card.
  • Ideal for frequent drivers
  • No annual fees
  • 5% back on in-store purchases
Overall Rating 4.5
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Savings starstarstarstarstar
Fees starstarstarstarempty star
Bonuses starstarstarstarstar
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It’s more than just a fresh coat of paint. The Exxon Mobil Smart Card has undergone a true performance boost under the hood to give account holders even more gas savings and in-store perks than other gas station cards.

The new Smart Card+ doubles the savings of the company’s previous card. The savings have been throttled up from 6 cents off per gallon to 12 cents off for premium gasoline and 10 cents off for other fuel grades.

The new Smart Card+ rewards you with 5% back as a statement credit on the first $1,200 spent per year on in-store purchases and car washes at Exxon and Mobil branded locations.

Besides the savings at the pump, the Exxon Mobil Smart Card+ still doesn’t impose an annual fee on account holders — that means you don’t have to pay back all of those savings at the end of the year.

  • Avoid paying full price: Get 12 cents per gallon off the pump price on premium gasoline and 10 cents off other grades.
  • See savings instantly: No need to wait for your monthly statement to come out.
  • No fraud liability: Get peace of mind from theft, pump skimmers and other fraudulent activity.
  • Track your fuel costs: See how much each cardholder spends on gas each month.
  • Cash when you need: Get access to cash advances from over 200,000 ATMs by Cirrus (cash-advance fees apply).
  • Protect your identity: Includes personalized help from specialists if your identity is stolen or you notice suspicious activity on your account.

Sign-up Offer

Who doesn’t love a good introductory offer? The Exxon Mobil Smart Card+ lays an enticing welcome offer on the table for new account holders.

For the first two months after your account open date, you’ll get a whopping 30 cents off per gallon — on top of the regular 12 cents per gallon on premium gasoline and 10 cents off other grades. That’s 40 to 42 cents off per gallon, depending on the type of gas you fill up with. Applies to new accounts opened between Feb. 1, 2022 and Jan. 31, 2023.

Pros and Cons

The idea of carrying around a card that gets you up to 12 cents off the pump price and 5% back in-store should be reason enough to attract the interest of anyone who drives regularly.

The introductory offer alone is reason enough to test drive it for at least a year. But there are some downsides that bring this stellar card back down to earth a little bit.

With a 26.49% regular APR, the interest for this card is on par with other private-label gas credit cards, like Chevron and Shell.

Late fees are average compared to other gas cards. You’ll get dinged $40 if you forget to pay your credit card bill on time. And it’s a similar story with cash-advance fees — you’ll pay the industry-standard 29.95% on top of ATM fees if you use your Exxon Mobil credit card to cash your way out of a pinch.

  • Big savings per gallon on gas purchases
  • In-store savings on food, drink and more
  • No annual fee
  • Great introductory offer

  • Slightly higher than average APR
  • While common, you can only use the fuel rewards at Exxon and Mobil stations

How to use Your Exxon Mobil Credit Card

Using your Exxon Mobil credit card is as straightforward as it should be. Simply swipe your Exxon Mobil Smart Card+ before filling up at an Exxon or Mobil gas station.

You’ll see the savings at the pump instead of having to wait for them to appear on your monthly billing statement.

Don’t forget — you also get perks for using your card in-store at Exxon and Mobil gas stations.

Just like filling up your vehicle, you’ll need to swipe your Exxon Mobil credit card at the register to get 5% back in statement credits when you load up on snacks, drinks and other goodies.

Can I use my Exxon Mobil Smart Card+ like a regular credit card?

The Smart Card+ can be used at participating Exxon and Mobil locations — at the pump or at the register — to pay for fuel, snacks, drinks, car washes and more. It can also be loaded into the Exxon Mobil mobile payment app for contactless payment. The credit card can only be used at Exxon and Mobil branded locations.

Where to use Your Exxon Mobil credit card?

Use your Exxon Mobil credit card at over 12,000 Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide and at any of the more than 200,000 Cirrus ATMs around the country. Keep in mind that there are fees tied to this card’s cash-advance feature, as is usually the case with any credit card.

Does this card have an intro APR?

No. This card doesn’t currently offer an intro APR. This isn’t a balance-transfer card. The primary perks are its exceptional gas savings, which can be especially impactful, because this card has no annual fee to offset savings.
However, the Smart Card+ currently includes a two-month welcome offer that amplifies the gas savings with an extra 30 cents per gallon off of the standard savings: 12 cents per gallon off premium gas and 10 cents per gallon off other grades.

What are the fees for this credit card?

Late fees: $40
Annual fee: There is no annual fee.
ATM fees: $10 per transaction or 5% of the withdrawal amount, whichever is greater. Variable cash-advance APR is capped at 29.99%.
Foreign transaction fees: There are none.
Balance-transfer fees: N/A

What credit range do I need to qualify for this credit card?

We recommend applying for this card if you have credit scores that are at least in the fair credit range. Lower credit scores may qualify. Check your credit report before applying.

How can I get help with my Exxon Mobil Smart Card+ from the service provider?

Call 1-800-344-4355 to get help with your card by phone. Live help is available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time Saturdays and from noon to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Sundays.
You can also get support via email at [email protected].

What financial institution backs the Exxon Mobil credit card?

The Exxon Mobil credit card is backed by Citibank.

Does this card report my account history to the major credit bureaus?


How do I get the new Smart Card+ if I have the old Exxon Mobil credit card?

The Smart Card+ has replaced the original Smart Card. Those who have the original card are being migrated to Exxon’s new credit card automatically.
The only major card features that have changed as a result of this migration are the perks you’ll receive. You’ll get more money off each gallon you pump and a brand new discount for in-store purchases made with the card in Exxon or Mobil gas stations.

Card terms and conditions:

*Subject to credit approval. The 30¢ per gallon bonus discount applies to the first 2 months after your account open date and will be paid as a statement credit. You will also receive ongoing fuel savings of 12¢ per gallon on Synergy Supreme+™ premium fuel and 10¢ per gallon on other Synergy™ fuel grades, which will be received as a reduced fuel price at the point of sale. Offer valid at participating Exxon and Mobil stations. In the event discounts at the point of sale are unavailable for any reason, you will receive the earned discounts as a statement credit. In that case, you will not see the 12¢ per gallon or 10¢ per gallon reduction in the price per gallon at the pump. You can earn 5% back in rebates on your first $1,200 in Exxon and Mobil non-fuel purchases made each year with your card at Exxon or Mobil locations. You will not earn rebates on Exxon or Mobil non-fuel purchases in excess of $1,200 each year. Rebates will be earned as a statement credit. Qualifying in-store purchases exclude lottery tickets, money orders and gift cards. Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ points will not be earned on purchases made with the Exxon Mobil Smart Card+™ credit card. Terms & Conditions of the Exxon Mobil Smart Card+™ Program apply. Concentration and availability of our proprietary additive package may vary based on factors beyond our control.