FREE $25 in Cash for Trading in an Unused Gift Card

Update: This offer has now expired. Congrats to all that got it! 🙂

Here’s another great way to snag some free cash…

The folks over at GoalMine are running a brand new promotion where they will give you 150% of the value of any gift card that you trade in worth $50 or less.

In other words, you can get a FREE $25 by selling them a gift card worth $50 (they’ll send you $75 for your $50 gift card).

GoalMine is a investment house that was launched in 2010 with the goal of giving regular people access to stocks/bonds. There are no trading fees and their very fresh layout gives users the ability to set their own saving’s goals.

The promotion is being run to help motivate people to start saving for their future. I signed up for this a couple of weeks ago and I’ve really enjoyed using it.

[If you took advantage of the earlier GoalMine promotion we told you about (Grab a FREE $20 from GoalMine), you can still participate in this promotion if you haven’t already funded your account.]

Here’s how to do it…

1. Open a free GoalMine Account. It only takes about 90 seconds.

2. Once you’ve opened the account, click on the button that reads “Gift Cards” at the top of the screen. From here, you can sell your gift card and claim the free bonus. Just enter in your gift card details and follow the instructions on the screen.

GoalMine has partnered with Plastic Jungle, the leading gift card exchange, to run this promotion so you know it’s on the up and up.

(Hint: if you don’t have a gift card, you might think about buying one next time you’re at the store. Who would pass up a free $25? :))

3. After filling out the form, you need to send them your gift card. It will take 10-20 days for money to be posted to your GoalMine account. You can then invest your money in one of their mutual funds or withdraw it.

If you haven’t already started an emergency fund, my suggestion is to just let the money sit. What better way to start saving than with someone else’s money?

Note: You need to be at least 18 and have a SSN to participate. Also, like before, this one is USA only. Sorry.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!