How to Get a Free Subscription to Parents, Shape, Better Home and Gardens, and More

Free Magazines: Parent, Shape and More
Free Magazines: Parent, Shape and More
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When you read articles on how to cut your expenses, nearly everyone suggests canceling your magazine subscriptions. After all, you can read a lot of magazine content online for free, and every penny you save could go to paying down debt or bulking up your emergency fund.

But what if you just enjoy magazines? For a lot of us, holding that magazine in our hands and taking the time to leisurely flip through the pages feels like a treat.

It’s not as much fun to quickly skim an online article at work; what we want is the experience of sitting down with a magazine and taking time to relax. Right?

Well, we’ve got a way for you to get free magazines, so you can enjoy the luxury without the guilt. Most of these require no more than answering a few easy questions, so it will only take a few minutes of your time. Go ahead and grab some of your favorite magazines for free!

Some of these offers only have limited numbers available, so act quickly if you want them — we’ll update the post when they run out.

Parents Magazine

A subscription to Parents Magazine usually costs around $8 for a year or two, but we’ve been given around 1,000 copies to give away this month. We know parents are cost-conscious!

Head over to Mercury Magazines and give them your name, occupation and address, and they’ll send you an entire year’s subscription for free.

Mercury Magazines will probably offer you a few other free subscriptions you might like, too. That’s a nice bonus!


Ready to improve your health this year?

A Shape subscription typically sells for $8 a year, but you can grab it for absolutely no cost by visiting Mercury Magazines and answering a few quick questions. Use this link (it’s different from the Parents link above) to get your Shape subscription.

You’ll be learning new exercise routines and trying out new healthy recipes in no time! We only have 1,000 copies of this magazine to give away, so get your hands on it while you can.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens has been around since 1922, yet its popularity endures due to its focus on homemaking, cooking and gardening. It will run you about $6 a year if you buy a subscription, and far more if you grab it at the cashier before checking out at the grocery store!

Get Better Homes and Gardens the better way by claiming your free subscription through Mercury Magazines. Click this link, tell them a little about yourself, and soon you’ll have this magazine for free at your doorstep!

Like the two magazines above, we have to cap this offer at 1,000 magazines, so take advantage before we run out.

Diabetic Living

We all know diabetes can be expensive to manage, so every penny in the bank counts. That’s why we appreciate this offer to get Diabetic Living for free. Who wouldn’t want to avoid the $16 annual subscription fee?

Follow this link to Mercury Magazines, answer a few easy profile questions, and your subscription won’t cost you a cent!

Again, we have only 1,000 subscriptions to give away, so if this is on your must-have list, grab it while you can.

Fast Company

Love business, technology and innovation? You probably already read Fast Company online, but why not get a subscription without paying a cent? It’s a great magazine to keep on your coffee table for business inspiration, and one of my personal favorites!

It normally costs about $13 for an annual subscription, but if you visit RewardSurvey and give your opinion on a few quick questions, you’ll receive points to spend on a Fast Company magazine subscription.

The survey should have around 20 questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. Not much work for a free magazine subscription, right?


Essence has provided beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips to black women since 1970. It will cost you about $12 a year.

If you want a subscription to Essence at no cost, visit RewardSurvey and take just a few minutes to answer questions. Then use your points to claim your magazine. Easy as cake!

When one of our writers took the RewardSurvey survey, she got enough points to get either Fast Company or Essence without having to take a second survey, but you might need to take multiple surveys if you want multiple magazines.

New York Magazine

New York Magazine is all about what’s new in fashion, style, politics and more. At $25 a year, it’s one of the most expensive magazines on our list. (In all fairness, you also get more issues each year, nearly 30, for that price.)

To get a New York Magazine subscription at no cost, go to Recyclebank. The site is designed to teach people how to improve their recycling skills. Recyclebank provides quick infographics and articles about recycling, as well as quizzes to test you on what you’ve learned.

Earn points for studying the material and taking the quizzes, and redeem your points for a variety of rewards, including your New York Magazine subscription.

Don’t forget to implement the recycling tips you’ve learned — and put the money you save on all these magazine subscriptions to good use!

YOUR TURN: How much money do you spend on magazine subscriptions? Will you try any of these tactics for getting them for free?