Here’s How to Get a Free Thanksgiving Dinner at Walmart

A person cuts on a turkey on Thanksgiving. This story goes over how to get a free Thanksgiving dinner from Walmart.
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The holidays are weird this year, there’s no question about that. Without big family gatherings or outside-the-bubble Friendsgivings, things just feel… off.

And while it may feel like a silver lining that we won’t need to spend a week’s worth of pay on a 25-pound turkey and all the fixings — especially for the millions of us who are going through tough financial times right now — many of us still want to find a way to celebrate.

As if it knew what all of America was feeling, a research company called Ibotta has partnered with Walmart to make sure you can still have your green bean casserole and eat it, too. 100% for free. Really.

There are nine items you can get for free from Walmart, including a Butterball turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy. And yes, the can-shaped cranberry sauce will make it to your table this year.

Here’s how to get them: Download the Ibotta browser extension. All nine Thanksgiving offers will show up in your browser immediately (or on the Ibotta app in an hour). You can shop online or in-store with the app for the selected items and then automatically get 100% cash back when you take a photo of your receipt.

Then once you’ve earned $20 in cash-back, you can cash out via PayPal. (This meal comes to just about $20.)

Thanksgiving isn’t canceled this year!