We’re Losing Our Guac Over This Trick for a Free $5 to Spend at Chipotle

chipotle burrito with side of guacamole and chips
Photo by William Brinson for Chipotle
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We know we have problem.

We’ve written about how to get free guac, how to supersize your burrito for free, and even the occasional haunted burrito. In short, we’re a little Chipotle obsessed. But, this might be the most delicious tip yet:

You can get paid to eat at Chipotle.

Hold on to your seat…

Our Favorite Chipotle Savings Hack

1. If you haven’t already, sign up for Swagbucks here (takes 30 seconds) and then navigate to the “MyGiftCardsPlus” tab.

2. Purchase a $25 Chipotle gift card and Swagbucks will automatically credit you with a free $5 — plus you’ll earn 25 SBs. You’ve got to be a new Swagbucks member for this to work and these digital rewards can later be traded in for more Chipotle gift cards or even Paypal deposits.

Stack it with the frequent Chipotle coupons for free chips and guac, and you’ve almost got yourself a free lunch.

Enjoy — ¡salud!