16 Budget-Friendly Halloween Decorations for Your Car

Two children sit in the trunk of their SUV decorated for Halloween.
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We’ve already told you about cheap Halloween decorations for your house. But what if you’re more of a trunk-or-treat, turn-the-car-into-a-Halloween-ghoul type of person?

Well, we’ve got you covered there too.

Whether it’s fake limbs hanging from your trunk, or a full-on trunk or treat car theme that won’t spook your bank account, we’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the best cheap Halloween car decorations out there.

16 Budget-Friendly Halloween Car Decorations

Get ready to rule the trunk-or-treat. We’ve also got ways to have a decked out car while driving around town.

Halloween Decorations for Moving Cars

Remember, don’t go so nuts with your Halloween decor that you interfere with your ability to drive.

1. Hanging Bloody Arm

Hang this $8 bloody arm from the back of your trunk or a side window to creep out passers-by on the road.

Go buy a bloody arm

2. Hanging Witch Legs

Same idea but a little less gory. Apparently this $9 witch was chasing after your car, got a little too aggressive with the broom, and flew straight into your trunk!

Check out those legs

3. Dollar Tree Window Clings

Maybe you’re not into the gore and you just want some simple Halloween props that show your spirit without grossing out your fellow travelers. Well, these $4 window clings are just what you’re looking for. Add a halloween-themed string lights from your local halloween store and you’re good to go!

Get some clings

4. Backseat Skeleton Passenger Cling

With this frightening passenger hovering above your back window, you’ll look like an Uber driver from the afterlife. Wonder if he tips well?

Go buy skelly on Amazon for $6.80

5. Jason Voorhees Car Air Freshener

Nothing says “I love the smell of roses and coconut” like a Jason Voorhees-themed air freshener. Though we can’t imagine Jason smelled too fresh in the Friday the 13th movies, this $11 Jason mask will keep your car smelling lovely throughout the Halloween season.

Make your car smell better

6. Pennywise Cardboard Head

Keep motorists from tailgating you too closely with this $15 Party City special, a cut out cardboard head of Pennywise, the creepy, predatorial clown from Stephen King’s It. 

Scare everyone

7. Michael Myers Creepy Face

Let’s keep going with the creepy movie characters here. If Jason or Pennywise isn’t your speed, then maybe Michael Myers from the Halloween movies is a little more to your liking?

Order a $6 Michael Myers face

8. Blood Spattered Steering Wheel Cover

Keep your hands warm and comfortable while celebrating Halloween with blood and gore using this $16.50 steering wheel cover.

Decorate your steering wheel

Halloween Car Decorations for a Trunk-or-Treat

If you prefer to really go out and decorate your car with a trunk or treat theme, we’ve got some fun ideas for you.

9. Ice Cream Shop

It’s fun and perfect for young kids. Skip the scary and make a trunk display with this playful ice cream shop trunk-or-treat theme. Throw in a few fake (or real!) chocolate chip cookies to really go all in on this theme.

Visit the ice cream shop

10. Cartoonish Bat

Create a decked out car trunk with these $16 bat eyes, scary teeth, ears and wings. This cartoonish bat theme is just scary enough without making you have bat nightmares for weeks. Throw some spooky lights around the top of your car to finish it off.

Get Batty

11. Sesame Street

Not all Halloween decorations have to be scary. And, let’s be honest, all the cool kids love Sesame Street. Go classic with this $18 Sesame Street trunk-or-treat theme that features Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, the Cookie Monster and more!

Get to Sesame Street

12. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Using some basic household and easy-to-find dollar store items, you can get in on the holiday spirit with this trunk or treat theme using Charlie Brown and his good buddy, Linus.

Say Hello to Charlie and Friends

13. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It’s the end of October, and that can only mean two things: Halloween and The World Series! Celebrate these two special events with this baseball themed trunk or treat.

Check out this baseball theme

14. Andy’s Room

How fun is this one? If you have younger kids, you more than likely have plenty of Toy Story figures and toys around the house. Put them to good use with this trunk-or-treat theme modeled on Andy’s room.

To infinity and beyond!

15. Mouthful of Candy

Using some basic items from the Dollar Store, plus all the candy you’re giving away, you can turn your car trunk into one giant mouthful of candy. Hopefully this guy doesn’t have an overbite.

Open wide

16. Super Mario Brothers

Get a little creative with this DIY trunk or treat theme that includes mystery boxes, piranha plants and some great suggestions for how to dress up as Mario and the Princess.


Robert Bruce is a senior writer for The Penny Hoarder.