7 Reasons Every Deal Seeker Should Follow Hip2Save

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Here at The Penny Hoarder, we follow a LOT of blogs.

They help us stay on top of all the news and bargains, so we can pass the best information on to you.

One of our all-time favorites is Hip2Save.

Founded by Collin Morgan in 2008, Hip2Save claims it’s “not your grandma’s coupon blog” — and I agree. The site takes a fresh look at the world of coupons and deals, and I can’t get enough.

If you’re not a Hip2Save convert yet — I’m guessing you will be after reading this post.

7 Reasons We Love Hip2Save

Hip2Save has a clean and well-organized platform, and more importantly, a fun voice that makes you excited to follow along and score deals.

Morgan’s adorable personality shines through in both her writing and videos — but besides Morgan herself, here are seven specific reasons you’d benefit from following this blog.

1. It’s Full of Tips for Every Level of Couponer

One of the things I love most about Hip2Save is it doesn’t just list the deals and coupons; it also features a wealth of tips and articles, many of which include input from readers.

Topics range from saving money on spices to running a home business when you have kids. There are even printables to help you determine when to buy certain products or how much to pay for groceries.

Whether you’re a coupon noob (like me) or a seasoned pro (like our founder Kyle), you’re sure to learn a lot on this site.

2. It Showcases All Types of Deals

While I personally appreciate the site for its educational posts, most people come to Hip2Save purely for the deals.

And rightfully so: It has everything from freebies to coupons, sweepstakes and rewards programs.

Whatever type of bargain you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here.

3. Its Daily Newsletter Rocks

I don’t know about you, but the sheer number of deals out there can quickly overwhelm me.

Luckily, Hip2Save sends out a newsletter each afternoon, which lists all of that day’s new deals. So instead of combing through dozens of websites, you’ll get the hottest bargains delivered directly to your inbox.

Sign up for Hip2Save’s newsletter here. Or sign up for text alerts instead.

4. Its Coupon Database is Insane

Do you get frustrated looking for coupons, because they’re not for things you buy? I know I do.

Well, that’s not an issue if you use Hip2Save’s coupon database.

All you do is type in your desired product — from eggs to cereal — and tons of coupons pop up. You can easily sort through them by description, value, expiration date, source, store and limitations.

5. It Helps You Track Your Favorite Deals

Sometimes you see a deal that looks enticing, but you’re not ready to snatch it up quite yet; then, when you’re ready to act, you can’t find it anymore.

Hip2Save feels your pain, and created the Hip list as a solution. When you see a deal on the site, you can save it to your Hip list with one click, for easy access later.

Three cheers for no more lost or forgotten deals!

6. It Even Has an App

As if the site didn’t provide enough ways to score deals, there’s also a Hip2Save app for iPhone, Android and Kindle.

Not only does it showcase deals, coupons and freebies, it also has unique features like a budgeting tool and directory of store coupon policies.

As an added bonus for using the app, Morgan gives away one $50 Amazon gift card each week!

7. It’s Backed By a Powerful Story

Last but not least, Hip2Save has a real and inspiring story behind it; Morgan isn’t exaggerating when she says coupons saved her life.

Lacking confidence in middle and high school, Morgan eventually started using drugs. Though she stopped after becoming pregnant, she then struggled with bulimia for five years.

When she finally sought treatment and recovered, she and her family were more than $50,000 in debt.

Using coupons — and teaching others to do the same — not only helped her get out of debt, it also helped her get her life back.

“I know they’re just coupons — just pieces of paper — but I also know what they’ve done for me, and what they’ve done for so many of my readers,” she says in an emotional video.

“Coupons have helped me become a better mom, build up my confidence, helped me pay off my debt, helped me pay it forward in such a huge way. Coupons do just so much more than saving money.”

A huge thanks to Collin Morgan and the whole Hip2Save team for all the time they put into helping us save money.

Keep up the hip work!

Your Turn: Do you follow Hip2Save?

Susan Shain, senior writer for The Penny Hoarder, is always seeking adventure on a budget. Visit her blog at susanshain.com, or say hi on Twitter @susan_shain.