Huge Promotion! Earn Up to a $500 Bonus from Capital One 360

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Update: This offer has expired and is no longer valid.

If you want to give your savings account an extra kick this month, check out this new bonus offer from Capital One 360.

This bonus requires a pretty hefty opening deposit, but is definitely worth checking out.

First off, there are no monthly fees on the 360 Savings account and they offer a great interest rate of .75% annual percentage yield (as of 5/20/15) with no minimum deposit required to open or keep the account. The only snag is that in order to get the bonuses, this has to be your first 360 Savings account with Capital One.

How To Earn Up to a $500 Bonus with Capital One 360 Savings:

1. Open a Capital One 360 Savings account by the bonus expiration date (3/31/2016 at 11:59 PM Est) If you’ve had a Savings product with Capital One 360 or ING DIRECT before, you won’t be eligible for the bonus offer.

If you’ve already opened an account, be sure to forward this article on to your spouse, relatives, friends, etc. so that someone you know can earn a little extra cash.

2.       To qualify for a bonus, your account must be funded within the first 10 days of account opening. Deposits from an existing Capital One 360 account will not qualify for the bonus.

3.       The amount of your bonus will be determined based on the highest amount you deposit within the first 10 days of account opening and maintaining that balance on a daily basis for the next 90 days following the 10 day period.

You must deposit a minimum of $5,000 and maintain a daily balance of $5,000 for 90 days after the initial 10 day period to qualify for any bonus. The amount of the bonus you actually earn will be determined based on the following balance tiers during the initial 10 day period and the 90 day period after that: $5,000+ earns a $50 bonus, $10,000+ earns a $100 bonus; $20,000+ earns a $200 bonus; $30,000+ earns a $300 bonus; $40,000+ earns a $400 bonus; and $50,000+ or more earns a $500 bonus. The maximum bonus you can earn is $500.

4. Capital One 360 will deposit the bonus money into your account within 10-15 days following the 90-day period – once it’s deposited, the funds will be available immediately.
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