5 Reasons Every Publix Fan Should Check Out “I Heart Publix”

I heart publix

Every store out there has its superfan, and sometimes those superfans create something awesome to share their love with the world.

Take Michelle. We only know a few things about her: She’s a stay-at-home mother of two boys. She loves saving money. And she loves Publix, the Southeastern grocery store.  

So she launched I Heart Publix, a website chronicling coupons and deals at her favorite grocery store.

“They have fantastic customer service and even better deals,” she explains on the site, which also includes forums, recipes and giveaways.

If you love shopping at Publix as much as Michelle does, here are five reasons to check her blog before you go get your groceries.

1. The Forums

Join Publix shoppers from far and wide in the forums to discuss this week’s deals, including best bets for maximum savings. There’s even a spot to trade coupons with other forum participants.

The product reviews are particularly helpful whenever you spot an awesome deal on an item you haven’t tried before. Buying a new-to-you product or food item, even at a discount, can feel less risky if it’s got a stamp of approval from someone you know.

2. The Happy Report

Michelle offers a weekly blog post called The Happy Report, where she not only rounds up the week’s sale but also collects unadvertised deals at Publix. Not every discount makes it into the circular, you know!

As you review the Happy Report, you can simply click to add the products of your choice to your shopping list.

3. Printable Shopping List

I Heart Publix knows that making a list helps you save money on groceries. The site makes it even easier to stay focused by allowing you to create, save and print grocery lists.

It’s easy to add Happy Report items to your list, where prices and discounts are automatically tallied. All you have to do is save your list and print it before you head to the store.

4. Penny Item Reminders

Each week, Michelle posts the Publix penny item: a mystery item that’s only for sale for one day (except in Florida and North and South Carolina). The one-cent deal is up for grabs on the first day your Publix ad is available — either Wednesday or Thursday, depending where you live.

The coupon for the penny item — usually Publix-brand items like a roll of paper towels, a loaf of bread or a jar of pasta sauce — is only available in newspapers.

But by checking I Heart Publix each week, you can figure out whether it’s worth hunting down someone’s discarded newspaper and stopping by the store later that day.

5. Giveaways Galore

Michelle frequently posts brand-sponsored giveaways. But while some blogs go over the top to make products sound enticing, Michelle’s commentary is straightforward and family-focused.

And while some blogs make you jump through hoops to enter a giveaway — leave a comment, tag six people, send this chain letter across the country — I Heart Publix has the simplest entry requirements.

All you have to do is leave a comment answering a question. It’s too easy — so there’s no excuse for not entering!

Your Turn: Do you shop at Publix?

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster living in Washington, D.C. Whenever she visits The Penny Hoarder HQ in Florida, she heads straight to Publix for snacks!