The One Site We Always Check Before Shopping at Walmart

I heart the mart

Finally, we’ve got a mole in Walmart — someone to let us in on the scoop and show us the ins and outs of sales and coupons.

I can’t confirm the mastermind behind I Heart the Mart is an undercover Walmart employee selling secrets to the internet, but I see no other explanation for the downright insane tips and tricks the site has to offer.

In reality, I Heart the Mart is a blog run by a handful of deal hunters who share their Walmart steals with a bunch of strangers online.

Recent deals I’ve seen include $5.97 packs of diapers (those things really add up!), a Leaning Tower of Pisa Lego set ($29.99 is a lot cheaper than a ticket to Italy) and a strawberry-shaped cat bed (we’ve already established I’m a thrifty cat lady).

Here’s this resource can help you save even more money at the place you’re probably already shopping.

1. Unadvertised Walmart Deals

While many of the deals at Walmart go out in their flyers and on the website, plenty of others are just waiting on the shelves to be discovered.

Rather than trolling the aisles looking for goodies, head to I Heart the Mart to get the scoop on these diamonds in the rough.

Whether it’s groceries, personal care products or baby items, there are deals to be had if you know where to look — and now you know.

2. Walmart Price Matching

While I Heart the Mart will thrill any die-hard couponer, it’s also a good resource for those new the money-saving game.

The Price-Matching 101 post walks you through the basics of price matching, with personal examples and tried-and-true tips.

I’ve always been reticent to try price matching. What if I do it wrong? What documentation do you need?

But this primer lays out the basics of how it works and even what to say and bring with you.

3. Recipes and Crafts

Wondering what to do with your loot? The site’s got you covered there too.

The recipe section provides quick-to-make ideas using ingredients from Walmart. You’ll find ideas from chicken pot pies to strawberry mousse.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ventured into the craft section on your money-saving shopping trip, this blog has ideas for that, too.

Is it the night before Easter and you forgot to buy baskets? Make one out of candy! I’d do this even if I had an Easter basket.

Did you get a deal on 1,000 pipe cleaners for $1? Good news: The blog’s got 25 crafty ideas for you.

4. Nightly Recaps

Most nights you’ll find a roundup post featuring the best deals of the day.

If you aren’t up for a deep dive into Walmart lore, just check this post for the highlights.

This is also a good place to check if you’re heading out the door and finalizing your shopping list. Many of the sale items are pantry staples or personal care items, which don’t spoil quickly.

Add a couple of deals to the end of your list and save some serious dough.

5. Walmart Coupons

I have to admit: I’m not usually up on my couponing game.

I don’t have the patience to check the paper or online sources (though there are plenty of great ones).

Luckily, I Heart the Mart does the legwork and rounds up the best coupons for you, along with tips about any restrictions and ways to optimize your coupon use.

Most of the deals expire within a week, so check the site within a few days of your trip to the store.

6. Deal-Stacking Advice

The writers at I Heart the Mart have mastered the art of stacking discounts to get crazy deals.

For example, they’ll link to coupons to stack on top of current price roll-backs (temporary discounts).

Basically, you’re using coupons on sale items. And it’s just crazy enough to work. It’s also how you end up with 50-cent cans of Chef Boyardee and $2 tubes of toothpaste.

7. Walmart Deals Under $1

What is it about the magic of getting something for less than $1?

Whether it’s a trip to the dollar store or a steal at the megamart, shoppers love it.

Head to the Under $1 @ Walmart section for deals less than a buck. Some of the items even end up being free with a printable coupon.

Recent thrifty winners included hot dogs, baked beans and two liters of 7-Up. Is it just me, or is there a BBQ theme happening here?

Your Turn: Have you checked out I Heart the Mart?

Lyndsee Simpson is a writer and editor living in Washington, D.C. She’s stocking up on strawberry-shaped cat beds and pipe cleaners.