These 15 Stores Offer Free In-Store Pickup — Even as Late as Christmas Eve

a women drinking coffee outside with christmas lights in the background

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house…

… there was probably a whole lot of stirring, despite what the famous rhyme would have you believe.

Once adulthood hits, the simple, wide-eyed joy of Christmas sometimes takes a backseat to the onslaught of holiday stress. Sure, the decorations are merry and the food is good, but there’s just so much to do.

But if you find it’s suddenly Christmas Eve (when did that happen?) and the bottom of your tree’s still bare, never fear. Consumer culture means most retailers stay open on Dec. 24, many with extended hours.

And if you want to seriously mitigate your creeping yuletide tension, check it out: Lots of those retailers offer free, same-day store pickup. Even on Christmas Eve.

Store Pickup Is the Penny Hoarder Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

So what’s the big deal about in-store pickup, anyway? You still have to leave the house, after all.

That’s true: It’s not quite as convenient as having your goods delivered to your door.

But store pickup is actually genius on a variety of levels, starting with the fact that it’s almost always free.

That means you get all the benefits of online shopping (finding things easily! browsing by category! comparing items across tabs! not discovering an empty shelf where the thing you wanted once was!) — without the associated extra cost of shipping. Yes, please.

What’s more, online shopping means you have the opportunity to stack deals — that is, use cash-back portals, rewards credit cards, discounted gift cards and more to boost your savings. (Here’s our full guide to deal-stacking.)

Because shipping costs are usually enough to swallow whatever you stand to gain by stacking deals, in-store pickup is pretty much the perfect solution.

And although you have to go to the store, you’ll avoid most of the craziness. You won’t have to bump carts with anyone while searching for your items, and often you won’t even have to wait in the main checkout line — you can hit the less-popular customer service desk, instead.

Plus, sometimes, you just need the darn thing that day. Like on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of which…

15 Retailers That Will Offer Free In-Store Pickup on Christmas Eve 2017

Here’s where to head when the holiday catches you short.

1. Apple

Apple stores will be open on Christmas Eve, although hours will vary — check out the schedule at your local branch (Get it?) here.

As far as placing an order for in-store pickup, it couldn’t be simpler. According to an email from Apple PR rep Ashley O’Brien, “if the store is open, customers can pick up.”

2. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond offers a slightly different take with its “reserve online” program — you’ll only be charged a $1 authorization until you head to the store to pick up your reserved item, which will be available within two hours.

Per an email from a Bed, Bath & Beyond rep, stores will be open on Christmas Eve, though hours will vary — and you can still reserve items online that day, so long as they’re in stock and are reserved by 2 p.m.

3. Best Buy

According to Best Buy public relations specialist Danielle Schumann, Best Buy will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time on Christmas Eve, and customers can place an order for store pickup as late as 4 p.m. that day.

4. The Home Depot

The Home Depot will be open on Christmas Eve, and you can pick up merchandise you order online that day within two hours. Just be sure to contact your local Home Depot for holiday hours as these may vary by location.

5. J.C. Penney

Your local Penney’s will be open at 7 a.m. on Christmas Eve, and yes, you can pick up your order in the store — so long as you place it by noon. Store closing hours vary by location, so contact your local store if you plan on picking up items on Christmas Eve.

“2016 marked the first holiday season for J.C. Penney to offer buy online, pick up in store same-day service in all stores,” wrote corporate communications rep Joey Thomas in an email.

6. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is open Christmas Eve and does offer free store pickup. According to a phone rep, store pickup will be available on Christmas Eve — just be sure to check your store hours, as they vary by location and place your order to be ready for pickup at least two hours before store closing time.

And a quick note about its policy the rest of the year: If an item is out of stock, you can’t get it shipped to the store — it has to come to a personal address.

7. Macy’s

This retailer doesn’t just offer in-store pickup — it rewards you for choosing it. You’ll get an extra 15% or 20% off pass for your next Macy’s store purchase.

Most Macy’s stores are open on Christmas Eve, though hours might vary. To take advantage of same-day store pickup, the deadline for your order is 12 p.m. local time.

8. Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers free same-day store pickup, and it even has gift-wrapping services.

Most Nordstrom stores are open on Christmas Eve, though they may have shortened hours. According to a customer service phone rep, store pickup will be available on Christmas Eve, but orders should be placed on Dec. 23, “just to be safe.”

9. Pier 1

You’ll be able to pick up merchandise in-store on Christmas Eve, according to Pier 1 public relations manager Melissa Simon, so long as you submit your order at least two hours before closing time in your market.

Check out your local Pier 1’s holiday hours here.

10. Target

Target’s same-day store pickup will be available on Christmas Eve, a representative confirmed on Twitter. Check with your local store for hours, but they probably won’t be overly restrictive. Our local branch is open until 9 p.m.

Orders placed before 7 p.m. are “usually ready for pickup within two hours” of placing the order — again, per a tweet.

11. Toys R Us

The kid-focused store is going all out for the holiday season.

From Saturday, Dec. 17 through Thursday, December 21 Toys R Us stores nationwide will be open every day from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. local time, and they’ll be open 63 hours straight from 6 a.m. Dec. 22 through 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Luckily, if you want to avoid most of the craziness that’s sure to ensue, you can place an order for in-store pickup by 12 p.m. EST and pickup on Christmas Eve.

12. Babies R Us

While Babies R Us isn’t following the big kids’ aggressive schedule, you can still place an order for store pickup on Christmas Eve.

Babies R Us stores will be open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Dec. 24, and you can place your online order as late as 12 p.m. EST.

13. & 14. Sears and Kmart

Sears and Kmart go above and beyond free in-store pickup: If you join the free Shop Your Way membership club, you don’t even have to get out of your car! Just park in the designated spot and someone will hand-deliver your item.

Sears stores will have extended hours all holiday season, and they’ll open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and Kmart will be open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Both stores will offer same-day store pickup services on the holiday — but to be safe, place your order at least four hours ahead of your desired pickup time.

15. Walmart

To minimize the rush of last-minute holiday shoppers, Walmart has expanded its store pickup services — and you might even get a better price ordering this way.

You can order eligible items online as late as 6 p.m. on Dec. 23 and pick them up anytime on Christmas Eve, according to a Walmart representative.

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